1906 : Belief In Climate Change Is Due To Defective Memories

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23 Mar 1906, Page 5 – The Minneapolis Journal at Newspapers.com

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9 Responses to 1906 : Belief In Climate Change Is Due To Defective Memories

  1. omanuel says:

    Belief in climate change is probably due to
    1. Defective memories, and
    2. Finite life spans of humans

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  3. The climate changes naturally and has done so for 4.5billlion years and will continue to do so long after humans are dead as a species.

  4. The best thing humans can do it jack up CO2 levels. They are too low. We need to jack them up to where they were 3 million years ago, to stop the next ice age:


    • omanuel says:

      Thanks, Morgan. Your time scale is millions of years (My or Ma). If there was once liquid water on Mars, then temperatures of planets perhaps decreased over the history of the solar system, the past 4.5-5 Ga (billion years).

  5. gator69 says:

    Faulty memories, and ignorance of Earth’s long and varied past. Then you have dopes like cfool, who want to believe. They are willing to sacrifice millions of innocent humans for “the cause”, just like the brain damaged leftists with an agenda who came before them

  6. I found this online and thought I’d paste it, because it was so good. The author is a pseud named GlynnMhor

    There is a host of self-centred and greedy ulterior motives different people have for supporting the AGW paradigm.

    1- For researchers, once a paradigm becomes popular and dominant, it is career limiting to oppose it.

    2- If the climate is presented as something about which governments can make policies, then government money will flow for research. If climate is something that we cannot affect, funding is not going to be as forthcoming.

    3- Plus of course it gives researchers a good feeling to imagine that they’re working to ‘save the world’ instead of, say, developing a new scent for feminine hygiene products.

    4- Environmentalists see carbon emission control as a means to reduce real pollutants like NOx, SO2, Hg, etc. as a side effect.

    5- Luddites see carbon strangulation as a way of dismantling the industrial economies to force everyone to a much reduced subsistence.

    6- ‘Personal isolationists’ try to use AGW as a way to eliminate big utility companies, with power generated at home from wind, solar, or even car batteries, and even sold to the local grid at retail (or higher) rates.

    7- EU trade isolationists see carbon regulation as a way of increasing the energy cost, and thus decreasing the competitiveness, of North American economies _vis a vis_ EU ones.

    8- Opportunities to use carbon emissions as pretexts to block or heavily tariff imports abound, thus degrading international trade even further.

    9- Local trade isolationists like the idea of overseas products becoming more expensive, and if they can’t do that by punitive tariffs and quotas, they hope to do so by artificially driving up shipping costs.

    10- Various people see Kyoto-type agreements as a way of transferring wealth from developed economies to lesser ones, as the one-time Canadian Liberal Party cabinet minister Stewart once claimed.

    11- Some also envision carbon strangulation as a pretext for involving governments deeply into the economy, via direct and indirect subsidies for energy alternatives that can claim to be ‘green’. Naturally, those who are involved and invested in such industries have their own greed factor.

    12- Believers in Big Government also love the idea of sending governments even more of our money under any pretext, and use carbon taxes as a way to transfer even more money to people in lower income levels.

    13- Some politicians see taking ‘the west’ off oil as a means of removing the dependence the US in particular has on politically uncertain sources.

    14- Other politicans see ‘cap & trade’ or other quota management as a way to direct corruption to their buddies and relatives.

    15- Nuclear energy proponents see carbon strangulation as a way to promote nuclear power.

    16- Some people imagine that energy cost reductions will magically pay for, and even squeeze profit from, expensive carbon control technologies whose payback times are actually measured (when they aren’t just dead costs) in decades.

    17- Opportunistic “businessmen” see the panic of the masses as an opportunity to solicit donations to so-called “non-profit” organizations or to operate carbon credit companies in order to enrich themselves financially.

    18- Financial trading corporations like Goldman Sachs see carbon trading as an opportunity to generate a new financial bubble out of an inexistant commodity (carbon credits) with which to justify huge profits and staggering executive bonuses.

    19- In politics it is generally held far more important to be consistent than it is to be right. Lies and errors about warming are thus propagated further, instead of being squelched, in order to bolster the political optics.

    20- Some people propose deliberately crushing economic growth to be an improvement over what they think will happen if we let growth proceed naturally.

    21- The UN sees carbon credits as an opportunity to create a tax base for itself and a steady income.

    22- And there are some who are actually sincere, who desperately want to believe that they can by sacrificing (or by forcing the rest of us to sacrifice) contribute to saving the world. But just because you make a sacrifice to superstition doesn’t mean that your AGW deity is going to come through for you

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