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  1. Steve Case says:

    I dunno Tony, as great as your released software is, and it may very well unleash an army of people posting the contrary facts, it’s up against over $3 Billion in annual funding from the United States alone.

    I used to think the good ship Global Warming had already sunk and all the noise was from the soon to drown crew and true believers making as much noise as possible. I’ve changed my mind, I expect to drop dead before a stake is driven through the heart of this monster if that will ever happen at all.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic, but do keep it up.

    • oz4caster says:

      Steve, there a couple of things that could bring its early demise, maybe even within the next decade. One is if global temperatures start dropping like they did 1950-80. Another is a voter revolt from the high cost and lack of reliability of “sustainable” energy. This could happen sooner in the UK than in the US, but the US may not be far behind. The fastest scenario is if both happen together.

    • ristvan says:

      I am not as pessimistic. The warmunist momentum built up since 1988-1992 is not going to dissipate rapidly. But it has clearly started dissipating. Polls show it a low priority to voters. ‘Projections’ not happening. Since Climategate, ever more awareness of data fiddles, (Tony’s research and software makes a contribution to that, for example at Cruz’ hearing on Data or Dogma), academic misconduct, journal bias… Since the debate arena is politicized, what is needed are irrefutable science based soundbites to counter all the tropes and memes. And a few more years of Mother Nature’s own refutation of AGW (pause, Arctic sea ice,…). And a couple of demonstrations of how foolish (blackouts) and costly warmunist energy solutions are. California and the UK may well provide those soon.

    • How can I resist inserting my all-time favorite quote? 🙂

      “My whole life is unsustainable. In fact, I’m quite certain it will end badly.”

      Layne Blanchard

    • Robertv says:

      If more and more people wake up and understand the fraudulent big brother world we live in and would become a danger for those in power they can still start WWIII as a distraction.

      So yes I,m pessimistic too.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Where is the warming? Where is the beef? The whole global warming issue is a massive scam and heads should roll!

    This upcoming weekend is going to produce a near record cold wave over much of the nation. New England will get hit particularly hard, with daytime temperatures in places like Boston not that far from 0 F.

    El Nino winters are not supposed to produce that kind of extreme cold, but maybe global cooling and the quiet sun are overwhelming El Nino’s effects.

    • 1saveenergys says:

      El Nino is a cooling event, ocean evaporates (latent heat), transferring moist heat to atmosphere resultant winds transfer heat to poles, moisture condenses (latent heat) & precipitates as rain or snow, heat is lost to space.

      See how cold N Hemisphere is here –
      Temperature colour key for surface layer.
      Blue = 0 to-30°C, Red = -30 to -60°C
      Green = 0 to +10°C, yellow/green = +10 to +20°C, Brown = +20 to +60°C

  3. sfx2020 says:

    I’ve spent a good amount of time and effort, using data, to argue with warmists. It simply does not matter, not even a little bit. This new way of showing data isn’t going to matter to a true believer, not even the tiniest bit.

    If you can convince yourself (or just blindly believe) that it snows more when it’s warmer, nothing is going to make a dent in that sort of belief.

    • Jason Calley says:

      Data does not matter to the fanatics — but to people who are just learning about the subject, or to people who are undecided, it may still have an impact. Data PLUS dropping temperatures is even more convincing.

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