Why You Should Be Worried About Declining Integrity In The Press

Eight months ago, the Washington Post told you to worry about declining snow cover.

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Why you should be worried about declining snow cover across North America

My Maryland residence just outside DC received 38.5 inches of snow over the weekend. I don’t think anyone is too worried about declining snow cover.

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Yesterday, all of the lower 48 states had snow on the ground.

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Over the past 25 years, November to March snow cover has skyrocketed to record levels across the Northern Hemisphere. This is because Arctic air is intruding further south, and moving the snow line further south.

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Rutgers University Climate Lab :: Global Snow Lab

Fraudsters at NASA and NOAA insist that the planet has heated to record levels, but as satellite data shows, they are lying. The planet isn’t heating at all.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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13 Responses to Why You Should Be Worried About Declining Integrity In The Press

  1. gator69 says:

    Their records only go back to 1967, not exactly comprehensive.

  2. rebelronin says:

    How can something decline if it wasn’t there in the first place?
    Methinks that “journalism” was created after the fact for social legitimacy.
    Like Chivalry and the Samurai code.
    Just hoods creating a myth to get respect.

  3. davidswuk says:

    The bigger the lie the bigger the escape route!

  4. docfjs says:

    What they meant was look out for the SNOW JOB you are going to get from lazy left wing reporters who don’t bother to look at the actual climate data.

  5. Andy DC says:

    Both North American and Eurasian snow cover are currently at a huge extent. I would believe that Northern Hemisphere snow cover should currently be at or near record record levels.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “should currently be at or near record record levels.”

      Which would, of course, be absolute proof of Global Warming….. maybe, perhaps.

      ….. or of something else. 😉

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey Andy! Based on the now proven theory of CAGW (should I say “Law of CAGW” yet?) we can determine that the warmest time ever for North America must have been about 25,000 years ago when the last glacial period was at it’s peak. Chicago had a mile of ice on top of it. Imagine how HOT it must have been to cause that much snow!

    • JPinBalt says:

      Naw, snowfall extent is remarkable in that is does not change much, unless you read the Wash. Post, and even according to their source at Rutgers Climate/Snow Lab and look at data. They cherry picked month of May, hey look at November opposite:
      Does not matter, just noise in the data and random variation for few years (statistically insignificant) less impact of variations in solar irradiance (more on short wavelength side). Wow, I flip a coin a half a dozen times, thus it must be weighted if comes up more one end than other,

      Still does not matter, you need snowfall extent measures for whole year as opposed to single month to claim any supposed impact on albedo, and there is not any, pretty constant since late 1980s. Same source at Rutgers http://climate.rutgers.edu/snowcover/files/Robinson_snowdata2014.pdf
      see Figure 1, last page.

      Let roll dice – will next article in Post, NYTs, or Guardian cite some “expert” claiming CO2 is causing a reversal in on earth’s obliquity (axial tilt) trend currently getting smaller over its 41,000 cycle in orbit based on a mere half a dozen years of monthly data, more snow in winter, less in summer months? (abet you should adjust monthly data for changes in precession) “Well supported” as more CO2 in northern hemisphere than south, heavier, the ti[t of axis is increasing instead of decreasing, earth wobbling more due to CO2, what a joke theory, but smart people can believe anything deemingly scientific without looking into it. These “news” people, writers like Chris Mooney or WP editors, are looking at any hype to get something published, papers sold or sideby online ads read. Next catastrophe is always a good byline. Checking facts is irrelevant or ignored.

      Snow was bad here in Balt., 3 days now (Tues) still no snowplows, 24 inches and drifts, got 6 foot high shoveled on driveway, still can not get out, 1,000 people stuck and no cars out in neighborhood in small 1/8 acre lots, global warming must be cause of record high snow and I need a gov. solution like more gov. paid propaganda telling me and naive others it is climate change. The dog crap is accumulating in the snow extent numbers due to CO2, higher in winters, lower in summers, ignore former and call science, still call it crap.

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey JPinBalt! “smart people can believe anything deemingly scientific without looking into it”

        That is a great line and very much true. I might steal that line.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Call it ‘science’ and smart people immediately disengage their brains and just believe without any rational thought involved.

        • JPinBalt says:

          You do not know how many smart people I talk to who believe in this CO2 and global warming nonsense. It makes sense like a greenhouse. None of them know even slightest details of it, basic things like radiative balance, solar isolation, temperature “record,” it just sort of makes sense and is taken for true. They get five minutes of info from newspapers like NYTs, Wash Post, Guardian, et al, citing some “expert,” and believe wanting to save planet from a nonexistent catastrophe or save the polar bears. Hard core they will say base beliefs on IPCC and scientific consensus yet have never read an IPCC report or their past theoretical forecasts all overshooting later data, or saw propaganda and news based on Cook’s cooked paper or GISS and NOAA’s faked and outwardly flawed adjusted temp record, Gore and that Manns hockey stick make sense.

          It is similar to anti-vax crowd believers in Wakefield’s scientific BS who say autism is linked to vaccinations and not getting kids vaccinated. I can show them original nonscientfic paper which was retracted and paid for by lawyers wanting to sue pharma, the large data bases (Danish and Japanese) showing absolutely no statistical link between MMR vaccine and autism, they still believe, smart people who do not look into basic details – Tony H’s Mars canal by intelligent design posting same. Almost same as global warming, a newspaper clip and makes sense so take for true. Besides newspaper hype for a story, things get worse when you have millions spent on government propaganda as we do for climate change, same true for advertising, we had billions spent on fish oil supplements for omega-3 fatty acids for health benefits only to find out now there was no benefit. The obesity crisis is due to sugar in soft drinks so lets ban or tax them – hmmmm but soda consumption per capita has been falling for years, but makes sense to smartest people as the cause.

          Whatever, I am an economist, the ludicrous BS myths people believe in my field is also pretty high, higher min wage raises income when it reduces such via job loss (so much for Walmarts closing shop in DC – $15/hr sounds great), corporations do not pay fair share of taxes when in US we have the highest corporate tax rate on the planet causing some to move off shore, one delegate at last DNC said should have a 100% corporate tax rate, wow – that would be a “great” policy, zero profits and no incentive to produce cars, food, or cellphones, how many millions of people starved to death because of cultural revolution and great leap forward in China following communist ideology as opposed to simple basic introductory economics.
          Smart people will buy snake oil and drink the cool-aid.
          Some smart people will see the BS and no drink the cool-aid, but at least we have not got to Cambodia levels where they killed smart people just because they wore glasses. yet we have had some politicians call for jailing climate skeptics and in France a news blackout on contrary opinions to the populist mentality based on ignorance to science.

  6. RAH says:

    And with the stratosphere warm in the area centered over western Canada we’re going to see more arctic air diving down upon us. After this little warm up we’re having now it’s going to get really miserable again.

    I’m ready for it. I keep two seed blocks out for the birds but those things get a little salty when the birds start going through a block per day as they do when their is good snow cover. The squirrels had finally figured out how to get to my feeder for loose seed so I quite using it. Today I bought a new squirrel proof feeder. Having the feeder should help my blocks last longer and loose bird feed is cheaper than the blocks.

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