2015 Was One Of The Coolest Years On Record In The US

Government climate experts say that the US is getting much hotter, but the exact opposite is true. Both the number of hot days and the areal extent of heatwaves in the US is plummeting.

In 1936 nearly 80% of US stations reached 100 degrees, but the the past three years have been closer to 30%. A massive decline.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 07.23.40 PM

The frequency 100 degree days has plummeted from 5% in 1936 to about 1% in recent years.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 07.26.55 PM

The frequency of 90 degree days has also plummeted from 15% in 1936, down to 9% in 2015.

Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 08.12.35 PM

Most of the time when you hear a climate statistic from a government expert, it is pretty safe to assume that the exact opposite is true,

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10 Responses to 2015 Was One Of The Coolest Years On Record In The US

  1. oz4caster says:

    The 30’s and 50’s really stand out for heat. All that extra CO2 now must be reducing the hot temperatures. I assume you are using the raw data rather than the “homogenized” and fabricated data?

  2. Gail Combs says:

    “Most of the time when you hear a climate statistic from a government expert, it is pretty safe to assume that the exact opposite is true”

    Sounds like the rule for naming a law. The Food Safety Modernization Act for example makes the US food supply much less safe by shifting USDA inspectors from inspecting food to inspecting paperwork. Or the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which has dramatically increase health care insurance costs while cutting health care benefits.

    Ain’t the American Government great?

  3. Steve Case says:

    The warming in Global Warming occurs at night, in winter and at the higher latitudes and altitudes. Day time, summertime and in the tropics – not so much. And in a warming world there will be more evaporation, water vapor and precipitation. Unfortunately our wonderful left-wing news media reports just the opposite.

    • Bartleby says:

      Steve I’m pretty sure you’re quoting theory since there hasn’t been any warming night or day in the tropics or otherwise for over 18 years. Theory doesn’t count. As they say “In God we trust. Everyone else brings data.”

  4. Andy DC says:

    Those charts make the alarmist claims of catastrophic warming seem utterly farcical and ridiculous. Same is true regarding claims of extreme weather. Weather never has been benign and stable. That is a total propaganda on the part of alarmists, with no basis whatsoever in fact.

    • Marsh says:

      Andy DC,, that’s true, but its never got in the way of gaining hoards of Warmist disciples. The Pied Piper analogy comes to mind, but that was a fable; another fictitious nightmare!
      I recall the big Freeze of the Great Lakes and record Tons of Snow across most States;
      2015 could Not be the Warmest Year, when the first quarter was among the Coldest..!
      But the Alarmists, wont let the “truth” get in the way of a bad story…

  5. Canadian Climate Guy says:

    Reblogged this on Canadian Climate Guy.

  6. omanuel says:

    Obama’s agenda now is to complete the subjugation of the USA to UN’s Agenda 21 before the public understands how the unreported events in Konan, Korea in AUG-SEPT 1945 changed the course of world history and forced the decision to unite nations on 24 SEPT 1945.

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