July 13, 1936 – 112 Degrees In Michigan


Chicago Tribune July 14, 1936 | Chicago Tribune Archive


Chicago Tribune July 14, 1936 | Chicago Tribune Archive

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8 Responses to July 13, 1936 – 112 Degrees In Michigan

  1. sfx2020 says:

    The highest temperature ever recorded in Saginaw was about 20 years later on July 13, 1936, part of a heatwave that included several other top temperatures. The five days between July 9 to July 13 brought temperatures of 103 or higher, the weather service reports.

  2. sfx2020 says:

    I know, I was posting links to confirmation of the newspaper stories. This nonsense about how it’s hotter now has to crushed.

  3. Frank K. says:

    If you keep reading the article about the heat wave in Detroit, it says that people were dying at the rate of “one every ten minutes” due to the excessive heat. If that happened today…

    Remember too that the Pope recently declared air conditioning to be a “harmful habit”

    “A simple example [of harmful habits of consumption] is the increasing use and power of air-conditioning,” Francis writes. “The markets, which immediately benefit from sales, stimulate ever greater demand. An outsider looking at our world would be amazed at such behavior, which at times appears self-destructive.”



  4. DD More says:

    And talk about climate change, the rest of the story

    Niagara Falls Freezes Into One Giant Icicle
    The Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file) – Boston, Mass.Date: Jan 28, 1936

    BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan. 28 (AP)– The Niagara River was jammed with more ice last night than in almost 30 years. As a result, the American Falls were so dry a person could walk from the American shore to Goat Island in midstream without getting wet feet.

    Seems that H2O is the control knob of hot & cold, not CO2.

    Side story, my mother was at the falls and saw the frozen conditions and lived just south of Saginaw during the heat .

  5. Andy DC says:

    Saginaw’s high temperatures averaged 106.5 degrees over an entire week during July 1936! How many 100 degree days have they recorded over the past 60 years?

    The alarmist propaganda is that the 1930’s heat and drought were caused by white males defiling the planet by plowing the soil. How dare they produce food for themselves and their families! Even worse were the evil chickens and stinking hogs they sold to make a profit, all at the expense of our one and only planet!

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