John McCain Against Accumulating Knowledge

The guy who put Obama in the White House said he was against accumulating knowledge.

2015-11-01-22-37-1517 Nov 2004, Page 14 – at

Science genius McCain believes that rising Arctic temperatures need to be controlled by humans. Had McCain actually done any research, rather than shooting his mouth off, he would have known that Arctic warming is cyclical, and has nothing to do with man.

In 1922, the Arctic was rapidly warming


2 Nov 1922, Page 1 – at

Fifty years later, the Arctic was rapidly cooling.


2 Nov 1922, Page 1 – at

It is bad enough that McCain was attacking Bush over a topic he knows nothing about, but much worse is his superstition that we can do something to improve the climate.

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15 Responses to John McCain Against Accumulating Knowledge

  1. If McCain had accumulated any knowledge, he would know that CO2 prevents ice ages.

    3 million years ago the 41,000 year ice ages 100,000 year ice ages weren’t happening, because the CO2 was at normal levels. According to

    Now CO2 levels are low. But we need to act now to reduce CO2 to ice age levels, by taxing the power company.

  2. mkelly says:

    He claimed the Eskimos had no word for robins. They did.

    • Jason Calley says:

      It is said that the Norse had over forty different words for “Eskimo.” No, wait… that can’t be right…

      The old meme of “the Eskimo have 40 (or whatever) words for snow” is an interesting one. The obvious take is that people who deal extensively and intimately with something will develop an extensive and refined appreciation for otherwise unnoticed variations in the subject. Just to demonstrate that there are no limits to academic stupidity, I once ran across an old (early 20th century) version of the “40 words” idea. An academician was explaining that the reason why the Eskimaux (as they then were) had so many words for snow was that they were too primitive to have created a single generalized word for the entire set of various snow forms. Sigh… I can only hope that it was a joke by some Doctor, but I do not think it was.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        The Russian language, at least up through the 60’s, had 8 words for snowfall describing the qualities of the snow. They also have a generalized word. It is also a primitive language which also has 8 verbs of motion, so that ships swims and the old steam locomotives walked. I used past tense because I haven’t used that language since then. Things do change, even in Russia.

  3. Ernest Bush says:

    I officially apologize for the ignorant conservatives in Arizona who keep nominating this progressive suck-up to the Senate. Even this state’s tea party was dumb enough to support Jeff Flake, who is just as useless. But, the state also has 3 members of the House who are self-avowed communists.

    • willys36 says:

      I’ll put my (Kalifornia) idiots up against your idiots any day of the week and clean the floor with you. We in Kern County have the marvelous opportunity to send one of the couple token conservative reps from this once great, now hard core Marxist, state to congress and what do we do?; send Kevin. Mr. Self Serving, Progressive Champ McCarty hisself to rep us.

  4. Frank K. says:

    For those warmists who visit this blog from time to time, this is yet another reason why I consider the global warming movement to be threat to freedom everywhere:

    “Top French Weatherman Fired Over Climate Change Book”

  5. willys36 says:

    John McCain is co-holder with Hussein, Hilly, Algore, et al, of the esteemed title, “Least competent person in any room he enters.” We should as the country did, completely ignore this man.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I just could not make myself hold my nose and vote for that man. I considered him flat out stark raving mad. I voted third party instead. (And unfortunately gave the election to Obummer.)

      I am not sure if there was really any difference between Obummer and McCain in terms of the damage they would do the country.

  6. DD More says:

    Johnny III, should have listened to Gramps and Daddy. Admrl Gramps served in the North Atlantic in 1919. Admrl Daddy started in submarines & in the 1950’s “He assumed command of Submarine Division 71 in the Pacific that year, sailing on the flagship Carp,[8] which took him to a variety of naval stations and two exploratory cruises to extreme northern waters, adding to the knowledge of an increasingly important strategic area for submarine operations.”

    They may have told him of sea conditions then, but the Wiki pages also have.
    Gramps – Physically short in stature and of rather thin frame, McCain was known for being gruff and very profane; he liked to drink and gamble.

    Daddy – At one point, McCain had so many demerits he was at risk of not graduating; his partying and drinking was especially dangerous as it was taking place during Prohibition

    Some nuts don’t even make it to the ground.

  7. Jason Calley says:

    It is true that John McCain should never hold a position of public responsibility, but consider his wife, Cindy. Cindy is a recovered drug addict (1992) who later became not only one of the leading drug dealers in her area (2000) but is currently still selling drugs as a leading member of perhaps the largest and most powerful drug cartel in the US. They continue to operate their drug dealings by maintaining a close relationship with various US Federal agencies who allow them to stay in business.

    I like Cindy, but I am concerned that her husband may be a bad influence on her.

    (By the way, all of that is true; look it up! I just wanted to illustrate that phrasing makes a big difference.)

    • rah says:

      The only area McCain has been decent on is defense at least as far as the military and it’s deployments go. Of course when it comes to our own damned borders and sovereignty he is the exact opposite.

      • Jason Calley says:

        McCain worked diligently to prevent the release of any POWs left behind in Vietnam. I had a difficult time believing that until I ran across multiple reports of that from members of the POW-MIA movement. He may also have been responsible for the deadly fire on the Forrestal. I suspect that many members of our government have skeletons in their closet that make them more easily controlled.

  8. Andy DC says:

    McCain was a brave man, but the truth must now be stated. Old age, plus beatings at the Hanoi Hilton have left his dying brain in a state of advanced dementia and he no longer has any idea what he is saying or doing.

  9. omanuel says:

    Steven Goddard aka Tony Heller,

    I encourage you and your readers to visit ResearchGate and read responses to “Does the Sun’s pulsar core induce homo-chirality in the molecules of life and climate change in the planets that orbit it?”

    A participant challenging the Sun’s pulsar core is a highly ranked scientist, Dr. Kenneth M. Towe, of the Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian Institution is “an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men,” and membership of the current Board of Regents: “The Chief Justice, the Vice President, three members of the Senate, three members of the House of Representatives, and nine citizen members appointed by Joint Resolution of Congress.”

    That is exactly the group that needs to hear our message.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

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