Hiding The Sea Level Decline At The University Of Colorado

More spectacular fraud and data tampering from the sea level people at the University of Colorado.

Last year they showed that large areas of the Pacific were experiencing 3 mm/year declines in sea level since 1993.


Map of Sea Level Trends | CU Sea Level Research Group

They have since erased this, and painted their map red. The only way this could have happened, is if sea level rose 63 mm (21 years * 3 mm/year)  this year.

slMap of Sea Level Trends | CU Sea Level Research Group

The side by side view is most impressive


In 2004, they showed 2.8 mm/year sea level rise


University of Colorado Global mean sea level

They have since inflated that to 3.3 mm/year


CU Sea Level Research Group | University of Colorado

The next image overlays the two graphs. Note that they have altered their trend outside their own reported error of 0.4 mm/yr


But the University of Colorado fraud is much worse than it seems. They are reporting almost twice as much sea level rise as NOAA


absolute global sea level rise is believed to be 1.7-1.8 millimeters/year.

Sea Level Trends – Global Regional Trends

Like with all other claims from climate alarmists, the increase in sea level rise rates after 1993 is completely fraudulent. It simply didn’t happen.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

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15 Responses to Hiding The Sea Level Decline At The University Of Colorado

  1. rah says:

    It seems to me that sooner or later their bubble will have to burst and they will have to answer for it. BTW, what person would be the main driver of this fraud at U of C?

    • Don’t know. There are so many climate fraudsters here in Boulder, it is hard to keep track of them all.

    • Gail Combs says:

      RAH do not forget all the connections I dug out on Judith Curry and her partner Peter Webster


      Webster is a member of the Aspen Global Change Institute


      T h e A s p e n G l o b a l Wa r m i n g A l l i a n c e
      The City of Aspen, Community Office of Resource Efficiency, AGCI, The Aspen Institute, Aspen Skiing Company, Rocky Mountain Climate Organization, New Century Transportation Foundation, Holy Cross Energy, Rocky Mountain Institute, Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, Susan Joy Hassol, and Climate Mitigation Services.

      AGCI = Aspen Global Change Institute:

      An ally is The Aspen Institute

      History of the Program

      The Energy and Environment Program is one of the oldest programs at the Aspen Institute. The Program on Environment and the Quality of Life, the predecessor of the Energy and Environment Program, and the first home-grown Institute policy program, was launched with an environmental workshop in 1970. Subsequent summer workshops with broad topics were held in subsequent years. In 1970-1972 Maurice Strong and Robert O. Anderson, the Institute’s chairman at the time, utilized the workshop to create an alternative agenda for the first UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm.…..

      ****FUNDING for Aspen Global Change Institute :
      The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
      The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
      The National Science Foundation (NSF)
      The Department of Energy (DOE)
      The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
      The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
      Analysis, Integration, and Modeling of the Earth System (AIMES) / International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP)

      Aspen Global Change Institute
      Global Solutions Lab

      This section is currently under construction. Soon, visitors to this page will find information about proposed solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges. In light of the tremendous impact global climate change will have on human civilization, considerable worldwide effort is being directed into finding global-scale solutions to either mitigate climate-driven changes or adapt to potential impacts. Much research has addressed technological innovation, particularly in the realm of energy, but attention has also focused on necessary social, business, and legal reforms.….

      When you pull the Aspen Global Change Institute thread things get real interesting…

      Climate Communication is a non-profit science and outreach project supported by grants, including from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Climate Communication operates as a project of the Aspen Global Change Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the scientific understanding of Earth systems and global environmental changehttp://www.climatecommunication.org/who-we-are/about-us/

      WHAT WE DO

      We publicize and illuminate the latest climate research in plain language, making the science more accessible to the public and policy makers.

      Examples include our primer on climate change and our feature on extreme weather and its connections to climate change. We’ve also released a report on heat waves and climate change.
      ← We Assist Journalists
      We Support Scientists →

      And guess who is on the staff of Climate Communication?
      Peter Gleick
      Katharine Hayhoe
      Michael Mann
      Jeff Masters
      Michael Oppenheimer
      Naomi Oreskes
      Jonathan Overpeck
      Benjamin Santer
      Kevin Trenbreth
      Don Wuebbles

      To name just a few.

      A bit more on the Dynamic Duo of Webster and Curry

      …Meanwhile, Jeb Bush met with Peter Webster and Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who published research last year showing an increase in global hurricane intensity, with a doubling of the number of Category 4 or 5 hurricanes since 1970. That increase coincides with a rise of nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit in ocean surface temperatures. Webster and Curry agree with the cyclical theory and accept that the Atlantic basin is experiencing a natural cyclical increase in hurricanes. However, Webster and Curry argue that cycle does not explain such a dramatic increase in strong storms. Increasing global surface temperatures cause warmer water, fueling more intense hurricanes…..

  2. omanuel says:

    We may be making progress on ResearchGate, as the conversation moves to population control.


  3. annieoakley says:

    What is ‘Jason’ ?

  4. Steve Case says:

    Here’s another way of looking at it:
    That graph is getting to be over a year old now, I should re-do it.

    • Penelope says:

      Satellite measurement U of Colorado (mm/yr):
      Global: 1992-2003 3.23 2004-Feb 2015 2.71
      Pacific: ” ” 3.23 ” ” 2.34
      Atlantic: ” ” 3.51 ” ” 2.12

      Two days ago I found this data on line showing the decreased rate of SLR & I retyped it as shown for a comment. Today I cannot find the citation or link. I’m almost positive I found it on Freinds of Science.

  5. Steve Case says:

    Here’s a presentation by Dr. R. Steve Nerem
    “Why has an acceleration of sea level rise not
    been observed during the altimeter era?”
    R. Steven Nerem (University of Colorado)
    Here’s the link:
    Scroll to the last page where you find that the acceleration rate of sea level rise is negative at minus -0.06 mm/yr² And currently it’s still negative.

    It’s rather easy to determine that there’s been a good deal of inflating the rate of sea level rise by CU Sea Level Research Group scientists. Simply put the URL of their home page
    into the Internet WayBack Machine
    and see for yourself.

    This archived time line https://web.archive.org/web/20040719102733/http://sealevel.colorado.edu/2004_rel1.2/sl_ib_ns_cu2004_rel1.2_global.txt
    differs from the current one
    Changes have been made to the data resulting in an increase in the rate of reported sea level rise by nearly a millimeter per year.

    And as I posted before, it looks like this:

    • AndyG55 says:

      “Changes have been made to the data resulting in an increase in the rate of reported sea level rise by nearly a millimeter per year”

      And still, an ABSOLUTELY SCARY 3.2mm per year is best they can concoct !! WOW.!

      3.2mm per year… no wonder they are panicking 😉

      • Steve Case says:

        They’ve bumped it up to 3.3 mm/yr in their latest opus. I need to re-do that chart which is a year old now.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    That 2015 sea level rise map is TOTALLY BOGUS !!!

    Sydney area is pained dark red, yet has a rise of 0.65mm/year.

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