An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

Barack Obama says that 250 years of Alaskan glacier melt is caused by automobile emissions. Here is a guide to help understand the difference between natural melt, and man-made melt

glacierbaymap (3)

glacierbaymap.gif (420×458)

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8 Responses to An Interactive Guide To Alaskan Glacial Melt

  1. gator69 says:

    It’s impossible to detect glacial melt without satellites and models. I mean who are you going to trust? People who could not even read a thermometer, or politically and monetarily driven zealots, who keep finding new adjustments for both past and contemporary data?

  2. David Cameron says:

    What’s the source of that map?

  3. David Cameron says:

    Hi Stewart …I must be blind as a bat. I can’t see the link. I love this site. All my tree hugging neighbours think I’m a nut because I don’t believe we’re all going to fry any day now because of AGW. I live on a lake in cottage country in SE Ontario where the winters are getting colder which they believe is because of global warming. We just elected a new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has never had a full time job in his life but was given a huge majority because his last name is Trudeau. His father was a PM and was elected because he looked groovy with his cravate. They didn’t seem to mind that his heroes were mass murderers Stalin, Mao and Fidel who actually became a good friend and was a pall bearer at his funeral. Anyway the twit Justin will be rushing off to Paris shortly to support taxing the shit out of Canadians to prevent the planet going up in smoke BUT DON’T GET ME GOING!!!

  4. You are wrong, Tony.

    The first area of melting was caused by George Washington’s horse.
    The second one was caused by Zachary Taylor’s horse.
    The third one was caused by Winfield Scott’s horse.
    And the fourth one was caused by George S. Patton’s horse, as well as by the proliferation and increasing use of the Sousaphone.

    All kidding aside, I hope I can be excused for continuing to believe that exactly none of the five indicated meltings were caused by anthropogenic CO2.

    — RT

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