Jeff Masters Bait And Switch Propaganda Trick

Jeff Masters pulled his usual bait and switch trick today. He put out all sorts of hysterical propaganda which immediately became part of the permanent  global warming big lie, then he backed off after the damage is done.

Five hours ago “Historic, Mind Boggling, Catastrophic”


Now “Incredibly strong”


This isn’t an accident. It is his standard recipe for plausibly deniable propaganda.

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4 Responses to Jeff Masters Bait And Switch Propaganda Trick

  1. Ernest Bush says:

    Masters hyped the Haiyan typhoon much the same way. It was a super-typhoon, supposedly. He left out the part where he measured the tops of the clouds for wind speed, which is not reliable. It was a 4, in reality. I suspect the same thing is being done with this hurricane. I bet onshore measurements show it to be a low 5 or high 4 and that you will never hear this in the media.

  2. gymnosperm says:

    Just look at that shit eatin’ grin on ol’ Jeff. That’s the grin of i’m eatin’ it because ah bulieve, ahh bullieve, ahhh bulleeeve!

  3. Climatism says:

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    The #RoadToParis is paved with lying, opportunistic and alarmist, climate morons, whose jobs, funding and reputations depend on deceiving the public and themselves.

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