30 Years Of EPA Sea Level Lies

The EPA has been pushing the identical sea level scam for 30 years.

Image 17Image 11527 May 1986, Page 2 – at Newspapers.com

There has been no change in the rate of sea level rise as CO2 has risen. Sea level in Maryland was rising at exactly the same rate when CO2 was 300 PPM as it is at 400 PPM. The EPA claim is completely false.

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Sea Level Trends – State Selection

The prediction that the beach in Ocean City Maryland would be wiped out by the year 2000 doesn’t seem to have happened.


This is what the Ocean City beach looked like in 1956


This is what the Ocean City beach looked like in 1928


his is what North Beach, MD looked like in 1933


Scientists have known for at least 75 years that observed sea level rise in Maryland is due to land sinking.


9 Nov 1940, Page 2 

How many decades in a row will the EPA be allowed to tell the same lies?

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8 Responses to 30 Years Of EPA Sea Level Lies

  1. Steve Case says:

    Who has the authority to tell the EPA to shut up?

    • Gail Combs says:

      The governing authority, the United Nations.

    • The problem is simple. No need to tell them to shut up or even to defund them (though there are certainly aspects of them that can and should be defunded.)

      To make this problem go away, the Congress can identify and expel from office those Executive Branch employees who continue to promote obvious lies and get paid for doing so. They have this power, but they continue to refuse to use it.

      So who is the enemy of the good, here? Those members who would insist on at least the most basic level of principle, or those members who call efforts to adhere to even the most basic level a bunch of radical, crazed, ignorant, destructive reactionaries?

      What is true here is that the problem children in the Congress don’t care what the truth is or whether EPA employees adhere to it or spout lies. They’re only concerned with what Obama and friends are going to do to them if they act.

      So, like EPA liars, they also have no desire to do what they’re getting paid to do. They invent a new job description for themselves, which excludes all the uncomfortable parts, and they continue to collect their check, secure in the belief that, 90+ percent of the time, the people will do nothing about it.

      After all, it’s hard to stand up for principles when the tide is against it. We, with our own inaction, demonstrate this fact just as well as they do!

      — RT

  2. timg56 says:

    My family vacationed at OC MD every summer. My brothers and I still have a small condo there. (My wife and I spent a couple days there this July when we were back for Dad’s 90th.) I would note that when comparing photos over time one should keep in mind that a lot of beach re-engineering and reconstruction (much of which was to correct the problems caused by re-engineering) has taken place.

  3. Steve Case says:

    Climate Change (Sea Level Rise) is scramble after government money:
    “Miami-Dade Clerk Of Courts Calls For Sea-Level Rise Superfund”

    • rah says:

      How can a county where a significant number of people are incapable of properly filling out a punch ballot, and officials not capable of properly counting them, be taken seriously about anything?

  4. Climatism says:

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    The sea-level-rise scam…

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