1974 : US/Russia Wanted To Dam The Bering Strait To Stop Global Cooling

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20 Nov 1974

In 1974, rapid global cooling was the “prime cause of world food shortages

NASA has since erased this cooling

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40 Responses to 1974 : US/Russia Wanted To Dam The Bering Strait To Stop Global Cooling

  1. I LOVE this article, because it’s being posted by a totally anti-human-accelerated climate change website, yet it essentially proves that humans have accelerated climate change. lol.

    Great work, Steven Goddard!

    • David A says:

      How so Mr Op-ed. I fail to see the connection.

      Skeptics demonstrate that observation disprove CAGW. What in any rational mind does that have to do with a plan never enacted to halt natural global cooling?

      How is any of your illogical statement cogent to the Government’s rewriting the historical T record.

      I bet you lack the courage to defend your comments.

      • You fail to see the connection, because you don’t understand how accelerated climate change actually ends up.

        The warm streams that flow through the ocean will stop flowing, which will cause an ice age, because the flow of warm air into certain parts of the globe will cease to occur.

        It happened before during the Little Big Ice Age, but that took thousands of years to happen. This time, however, the time it has taken is much smaller.

        And don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe for a moment that humans will destroy the planet – I fully believe the Earth will destroy humans before humans have a chance to destroy it.

        But I guess that’s kinda’ the issue.

      • And also, I’m sick of Republicans politicizing their minority opinion that climate change isn’t being accelerated.

        I propose we all stop bickering about whether it’s happening or not and find a way to stop dumping crap into our atmosphere, because pollution isn’t good for us anyway. So whether you believe that pollution is accelerating GCC matters little, because both birds can be dealt with by agreeing that pollution is harmful to us anyway and it’s a good idea to find ways to produce our electricity and other things with renewable and non-polluting sources.

        That’s a win-win for everyone. Besides. . . it’s about time we told the big oil and big coal companies to go ‘f’ themselves.

        • CO2 is pollution, eh? You are a keeper. 😀

        • Yes, it is. Why do you think you take a dump? To get rid of ‘waste’, yeah? The same with sweating – it serves the purpose of helping rid our body of toxins.

          What do you think we do when we exhale? We’re getting rid of the waste product from when our cells use O2 in order to produce energy (adenosine triphosphate (ATP)) that our cells need for life.

          So yeah – it’s definitely a pollutant.

        • That explains it—I didn’t realize you missed botany in school. I shouldn’t have been so snarky.

          I’ll try to make it simple: Without plants you and I wouldn’t be around. You see, plants use photosynthesis and need CO2 intake to grow. They also use other “pollutant” parts of your “dump” as nutrients. We eat plants and animals that eat plants.

          And before you go to Wikipedia to catch up, look at the even earlier lessons your classmates got:

          About the other lessons you missed: The primary purpose of perspiration in humans is thermoregulation.

          Maybe you can publish later what you learned in your remedial reading?

        • DD More says:

          Op-Ed – “I’m sick of Republicans politicizing their minority opinion that climate change isn’t being accelerated.”

          Ed you need to check your stats again.

          Last Tuesday, Republicans made historic gains in the nation’s state legislatures. The GOP now controls 68 out of 98 partisan state legislative chambers — the highest number in the history of the party. Republicans currently hold the governorship and both houses of the legislature in 23 states (24 if Sean Parnell wins re-election in Alaska), while Democrats have that level of control in only seven.

          Read more: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2014/11/11/the_other_gop_wave_state_legislatures__124626.html#ixzz3p8A75lSx

          State Governors: 31 Republican, 18 Democrat, 1 Independent
          Here is the listing – https://www.multistate.com/state-resources/governors-legislatures

          Maybe you do not understand math, cannot count or are just “sick”.

        • AndyG55 says:

          Yet here you are, posting using a computer which is totally reliant on big oil in its production …. and totally reliant on fossil fuels to run.

          And totally reliant on fossil fuels and carbon to feed you, from the very first step of photosynthesis from CO2, through the whole supply train to your table.

          You sir, are a MORONIC HYPOCRITE !!!

        • AndyG55 says:

          Ok, so long as no oil or coal is used in the manufacturing of those renewable systems.

          That seems fair to me. 😉

          You did know, that over the life time of many so-called renewables, that are probably don’t “save” as many CO2 emissions as it took to make them, don’t you ?

        • “You did know . . . don’t you?”

          Prove that.

          And let’s say you’re right – the idea is to put money into finding ways to prevent pollution, as in advancements in technology that would allow us to use non-petroleum products to produce the things we need.

          It can and will be done and if it can’t be done now, we should figure out how.

        • AndyG55 says:

          “climate change isn’t being accelerated”

          No warming for 18 or so years.

          Cooling in USA since 2005 according to the pristine USCRN data,

          Cooling in Antarctica

          Now the AMO is over its peak, Arctic sea ice will start to increase.. (already is, btw)

          Seems you just can’t handle the truth !!

        • daveburton says:

          Op-Ed Publicist wrote, “stop dumping crap into our atmosphere, because pollution isn’t good for us…”

          Yeah, look at all the damage that anthropogenic carbon (CO2) pollution did to the potatoes on the left in this photograph, from Scientific American.


          Oh, wait…

        • I find it hilarious to hear people say CO2 is great for everything. Why is that funny?

          Well, I’d like you to prove how in love you are with CO2.

          Put a plastic bag over your head and let their be no opening to the outside.

          You see, as you breathe in and out, the bag’s levels of oxygen will decrease and the amount of CO2 will increase.

          You’ll start feeling kind of funny when the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide begin to tilt towards more CO2.

          Then you’ll start breathing faster, causing even more dizziness. As your body takes in more CO2, it will start raise the pH level in your body and will eventually cause acidosis, but you’ll likely be dead before that happens, unless you open that bag to release the CO2 and allow O2 in.

          Go ahead and try that. If you want to even do a better study without dying, keep repeating this process for a couple of hours. You’ll likely end up with permanent nerve damage as well as respiratory issues that will haunt you forever.

          I mean, after all, CO2 is just the lifeblood of everything right? Wrong. CO2 is not Carbon, is it a molecule that contains Carbon, but it is NOT Carbon.

          Don’t get the two mixed up.

        • Big oil and big coal are evil because the thousands of people who make their livings drilling and digging are evil, the families they support with their labor are evil, the oil you drive your car with and the coal that provides your electicity are evil. It’s much better to have wind power and kill millions of bats, solar power and fry birds alive………..I just figured out, the only evil people here are assholes like you.

      • David A says:

        Op-ed, so instead of defending your comment, you make more irrational comments. Op-ed, did you know that within the last several thousand years sea levels were higher then now by a couple of meters, and the golf stream kept right on flowing.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Someone check that this isn’t Appell or Twinotter in a new shell !

      He’s certainly as incoherent and idiotic as either of those two.

    • AndyG55 says:

      “that humans have accelerated climate change. lol. ”

      Yes, we know humans accelerated climate change.

      They work at GISS, NOAA, CRU !!

  2. daveburton says:

    Very nice find, Tony!

    I couldn’t quite read the starting date for the cooling trend, but google found other copies fo the article which provided the answer (1949):

  3. How convenient for Steven Goddard to be able to respond to someone, yet not allow that person the ability to respond.

    Typical Republican tactic.

    • gator69 says:

      The “Reply” option automatically ceases after a few responses, it is not an evil Republican conspiracy you gullible loon.

      • Gator, what’s wrong with your phone? Call the HQ immediately. The Supreme 👿 Denier wants to know why you didn’t answer his call.

        He saw this comment. He wonders if you lost your secret code for replying directly to SG. He wants to be sure the codes are safe. I don’t want him to be calling me. My heart jumps every time I see his number on the display even when I didn’t do anything wrong. 😯

      • Ted says:

        He’s just used to his liberal sites censoring out any comment they disagree with. When that’s the norm in your world, you come to expect it everywhere you go. Except his own site, of course. I glanced through the first page, and none of the posts have ANY comments. Either he’s censored out everything, or his first comment here generated more response than his last few months of writing combined.

        • daveburton says:

          Op-Ed Publicist wrote, “How convenient for Steven Goddard to be able to respond to someone, yet not allow that person the ability to respond. Typical Republican tactic.”

          Ted replied, “He’s just used to his liberal sites censoring out any comment they disagree with. When that’s the norm in your world, you come to expect it everywhere you go.”

          Exactly right, Ted.

          Ted also noted, ” I glanced through the first page [of Op-Ed Publicist’s site], and none of the posts have ANY comments. Either he’s censored out everything, or his first comment here generated more response than his last few months of writing combined.”

          I guess the self-styled Publicist is having a hard time publicizing his site.

          Or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to try. Judging from his site content (“Marijuana: Heals Bones faster and Makes Bones Stronger”) he’s into the evil weed, which tends to sap the moxie from a man.

    • Neal S says:

      Depth of replies are limited. Perhaps you could reply to the post that is a level above. Of course if you can’t figure this out, that speaks volumes for you.

    • Besides being a moron, you are paranoid

    • AndyG55 says:

      A cry-baby as well.. !!! go figure.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Well, It looks like Op-Ed Publicist is going to get EXACTLY what he wants. A totalitarian communist world government, the destruction of western society and a life that is NASTY BRUTAL AND SHORT unless you are one of the new aristocracy.

    I just wish like Hades the Corporate and Banking Elite had waited another twenty years before destroying civilization and rebuilding it as neo-feudal concentration camps. No doubt it is because David Rockefeller has just celebrated his hundredth birthday and they want to present him with a done deal as a present in Paris this December.

    Note that link is to the website of a Flaming Liberal Lesbian Democrat (Her description) and NOT a Republican.

    • What a second. Because I think we should find renewable, clean energy, it also means I want a totalitarian communist world government? LOL.

      Please. If you want to know how I feel about the state of this nation, then check out my YouTube channel Open Mic Night.

      Your assumption is ridiculous and there is no correlation between what I’ve said here and a totalitarian government, so you’re just creating fallacious crap in your mind and then typing it out on a political hack site.

      • AndyG55 says:

        “then typing it out on a political hack site”

        Can’t be…. If you look, you will find there are no comments on your site. !

      • We have a renewable clean energy source. Oil and coal produce CO2 which is what life is made of. CO2 is odorless, tasteless, clear, and good for all life forms. The best thing humans have ever done is increase CO2 in the atmosphere, it’s the gas of life. Wind power kills birds and bats, solar power burns birds alive. You are a douche bag.

        • “CO2 which is what life is made of.”

          Yeah, that right there shows just how ignorant you are.

          Life is made of CARBON, not Carbon dioxide – there is a difference between the two.

          In fact, CO2 is toxic to the body because it attaches to our blood cells and blocks the transportation of Oxygen, which is necessary for the creation of energy within our body, and the GARBAGE that our body produces (expelled when we exhale) is called CO2.

          If we were in need of more CO2, as you claim, we likely wouldn’t be getting rid of it through our respiratory system.

          Good day.

        • daveburton says:

          Op-Ed Publicist wrote, “CO2 is toxic to the body because it attaches to our blood cells and blocks the transportation of Oxygen…”

          You’ve confused carbon dioxide (CO2) with carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide behaves in the body as you you described. Carbon dioxide does not.

          CO2 levels elevated to more than ten times the current average ambient outdoor level (400 ppmv) are harmless to humans and animals, and it has long been known that elevated CO2 levels are highly beneficial to plants. That’s why most commercial greenhouses use CO2 generators to keep CO2 at 3x to 4x ambient levels, at significant expense. That’s an increase 8 to 12 times as great as the ~100 ppmv increase which ⅔ century of heavy fossil fuel use has caused in outdoor levels. Greenhouse operators spend the money to keep CO2 levels that high because doing so dramatically improves plant productivity.

          In 1920 it was reported by Scientific American (and re-reported elsewhere) that experiments with carbon dioxide enrichment showed that CO2 from blast furnace exhaust gas could be used to increase various crop yields by from 100% to 300%. Scientific American called CO2 “the precious air fertilizer.” Crops tested included tomatoes, spinach, castor oil plants, potatoes, lupines, and barley.

          Hundreds of more recent studies confirm that elevated CO2 levels are highly beneficial to almost all plants, and experimental evidence suggests that many of those studies underestimate the benefit. Freeman Dyson, America’s most illustrious living physicist (who took over Albert Einstein’s old job at Princeton), says, “It’s certainly true that carbon dioxide is good for vegetation. About 15 percent of agricultural yields are due to CO2 we put in the atmosphere. From that point of view, it’s a real plus to burn coal and oil.”

      • Disillusioned says:

        Reading above I see you hate Republicans, and as well have a bad case of CO2-phobia.

        Renowned physicist Freeman Dyson, is 100 per cent Democrat, and likes Obama.


        Dyson: I am disappointed the President chose the wrong side (on climate change). “Increasing CO2 in the atmosphere does more good than harm… and humanity doesn’t face an existential crisis.” Dyson on why the man-made climate change scare is overblown:


        Empirical science is on this Democrat Dr. Dyson’s side.


        The AGW modelers got it wrong. CO2 isn’t trapping heat; it is escaping into space as it always has.

  5. daveburton says:

    If y’all have noticed that “Op-Ed Publicist” (a/k/a Tim Reiland) seems oblivious to evidence, and if that caused you to suspect that might be a few Cocoa Puffs short of a bowl, here’s proof that your suspicion is correct. Yesterday he posted a four-sentence article, with an accompanying YouTube video editorial, claiming that ISIS is the USA’s “proxy army.”

    His exact phrase was, “the US’s proxy army know as the ISIS,” and the bungled grammar is certainly the least of his problems.

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