Spectacular Lies About Glacier National Park

The New York Times says that climate change is making the glaciers in Glacier National Park disappear, and they will be gone by the year 2045.

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Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park – The New York Times

As always, they have their story exactly backwards. In 1952 (CO2 315 PPM)  experts said that all the glaciers would be gone by the year 2000, unless there was a “big change in Montana climate

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5 Mar 1952, Page 22 – at Newspapers.com

Glaciers are melting due to a lack of climate change – the exact opposite of what all the criminals in government and the press claim. Glacial melt has nothing to do with human CO2 emissions.

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3 Responses to Spectacular Lies About Glacier National Park

  1. TD says:

    I visited GNP a few years ago. I was surprised that the tour guides did not indoctrinate us with global warming talk. I actually learned quite a bit from them. The glaciers that are “disappearing” came from the Little Ice Age, so it’s no wonder they’re shrinking. The definition of a glacier includes a minimum area. Once they’ve shrunk beyond that, they haven’t “disappeared”. They’re simply re-classified. When the Canadian portion of the part “lost” all its glaciers, the simply changed the area required to be considered a glacier. Now they have glaciers again. GNP draws a lot of tourists by claiming that all the glaciers will be gone by a certain date. Whey that happens, expect them to redefine it, as no one will want to come to Glacier National Park if it has no glaciers.

  2. Rico L says:

    If the results of all the other alarmist predictions are anything to go by, Montana is going to be 3 miles deep in glaciers within 5 years!

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