Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Barry Lynn Of NASA

Barry Lynn of GISS published this spectacularly fraudulent climate study in 2007, claiming that Eastern US summers were going to get extremely hot.


NASA – NASA Study Suggests Extreme Summer Warming in the Future

This is the exact opposite what the data shows. The frequency of hot afternoons in the Eastern US has plummeted since the 19th century.

ScreenHunter_3455 Oct. 14 09.59

Before data tampering, there has been almost no change in average summer temperatures on the East Coast. What fraudster Lynn did was to cherry pick a cold decade (the 1970s) to begin his analysis.

ScreenHunter_3453 Oct. 14 09.53

But his fraud and malfeasance is worse than it seems. There has been very little daytime warming in the eastern US, even during his cherry picked interval. Almost all of the warming has been at night.

ScreenHunter_3458 Oct. 14 10.22

There isn’t one smidgen of legitimate science in Barry Lynn’s forecast, which makes it completely standard for junk, fraudulent climate science.

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8 Responses to Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Barry Lynn Of NASA

  1. Bruce Love says:


    You probably don’t have the time but you really should go take a look at the fraud on the Berkeley Earth site. They show 100% of the world’s cities having warmed since 1960. 100 percent. No exceptions.

    I’m not a statistician, but I’m fairly certain that this is physically impossible, even if global warming is actually worse than the IPCC’s direst predictions, and even if they chose a particularly cold year to start! It’d be like winning the lottery…10 times in a row.

    Sadly, there is probably no way of proving that these figures are spurious and that this is another case of outright lies and fraud.

    (For those believers in CAGW who would say, “gotcha!” yes I did notice that 2 cities out of the many hundreds listed did have margins of error higher than their rate of warming; Jinchenjiang: 0.43C +/- 0.48C and Kaili: 0.51C +/- 0.58C. The fact is irrelevant to the point).

  2. And night warming is the signature of UHI. Man made materials, brick, concrete, asphalt paving, all absorb heat. Then radiate that heat back out more slowly than dirt, grass and trees.
    About this time of year all the Grackles (black birds) start showing up in my city at roosting time. Then know that the buildings and parking lots keep the city warmer at night than being in the country.
    Funny how birds know this but climate alarmists can’t seem to grasp this concept.
    Pretty bad when you can’t even insult the alarmists by calling them bird brains.
    They aren’t that smart.

  3. Andy DC says:

    I have lived in the eastern US for my entire life, closely followed the weather and the much anticipated warming has simply failed to materialize.

  4. Zaucy says:

    I’ve been wondering if we’re getting an early winter or just a bad one again this year. On Long Island we started getting cold nights in September, which isn’t normal. Now in October some nights have been really cold, we’ve turned on the heat. I got used to Indian summers and warm weather right up to Halloween but we don’t have that this year. The other night I could see my breath outside.

    Not that it means anything globally, just thought I’d share. 🙂

  5. Robertv says:

    The earliest snow ever to fall in the winter was in 1975, when several centimetres fell on October 13.

  6. gotnoscript says:

    According to the paper the authors did an analysis of the 28 years from 1977 to 2004 of the Pacific SST anomalies and atmospheric variables in the Northeast of the US. The authors then extended that correlation using climate model data for the effects in the 2080s Either you’re being dishonest or you haven’t read the paper.

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