USGS Says No Linkage Between Flooding And CO2

Fox News of course jumped all over the thousand year flood BS, like they do with everything they hear from climate alarmists.

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USGS says there was no thousand year flood and no correlation between flooding and CO2.

USGS provisional data and preliminary analysis show NO indication that a 1000-year flood discharge occurred at any USGS streamgages

USGS research has shown no linkage between flooding (either increases or decreases) and the increase in greenhouse gases. Essentially, from USGS long-term streamgage data for sites across the country with no regulation or other changes to the watershed that could influence the streamflow, the data shows no systematic increases in flooding through time.

USGS 2015 Appalachian Floods and Hurricane Joaquin

The good news is that Janice Dean has promised to not make that same mistake again.

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7 Responses to USGS Says No Linkage Between Flooding And CO2

  1. Chaam Jamal says:

    I think you’ve had an impact on climate science in general. Without referring to you by name, they are now backtracking on alarmist language in general saying that if you read their paper carefully and pay attention to words like “could” and “might” the alarmist interpretation of their work is just plain wrong. I sent you a Tweet on this with the link to the article.

    Here again is that link.

    • Yes, even Anthony Watts has cut back on his parroting of alarmist bullshit.

    • Anthony S says:

      Another item that needs back tracking-

      “Black carbon, from both city-related biomass combustion, is the most sunlight absorbing. Brown carbon, from sources such as residential wood combustion and forest fires, is the component that is missing in most climate models and can be a significant absorber of sunlight, making it as bad for climate warming as black carbon,” Dubey said.

      “In fact,” he noted, “brown carbon is erroneously treated as organic carbon in climate models that show it scattering sunlight to exert a cooling effect. Recognizing brown carbon’s heating effects will require significant adjustment to current climate models. Furthermore, we have determined that organic carbon coatings amplify black carbon’s light absorbing power by focusing sunlight, which exacerbates their warming effect.”

  2. gator69 says:

    I read that USGS report earlier this morning, and sent it out via bulk email to everyone I know. This restores some of my faith in some of those folks at the USGS, where I once planned to work.

  3. Max Planck said science advances one funeral at a time. Tony Heller shows that between the funerals science creeps on one black eye at a time.

  4. Ernest Bush says:

    Janice Dean has often parroted climate alarmism to the point I have thought for a while that she is a CAGW believer. Perhaps she is starting to pay attention to the full evidence.

  5. The trouble with flooding is it is almost always unexpected. I want to add the importance of having a 72 hour kit ready.. Thanks for the post, great read

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