Today’s Climate Moron Of The Day : Andrew Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday joined government leaders worldwide in signing an agreement to help combat global warming and keep the Earth’s average temperature from rising dangerously.

The Under Two MOU, a memorandum of understanding signed by more than three dozen government leaders, affirmed New York’s commitment to helping keep the Earth’s average temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius and committed the state to working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions about 40 percent by 2030. Cuomo said he hoped New York would be able to generate 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by then.

“Climate change is an issue of society’s sustainability. To deny that climate change is real is to defy reason … denial is not a survival strategy,” Cuomo told an audience of a few hundred people at Columbia University before signing the agreement.

The memo comes ahead of the United Nations’ climate negotiations in Paris in December. Former vice president and environmentalist Al Gore sat next to Cuomo on stage. He said he hoped New York’s commitment would send a strong signal to world leaders and encourage others to make the same pledge.

Cuomo said to ignore climate change “is gross negligence by government and irresponsible as citizens.” He reaffirmed New York’s commitment to address global warming and climate change amid projections showing a rising sea level that could eventually wipe out parts of the state.

“Current projections estimate that sea levels will rise 1 to 4 feet by 2100,” the governor said. “If that is true, New York State would be devastated, it’s that simple. Even at a fraction of that rise, Manhattan as we know it would be gone.”

NY Governor: Denying Global Warming Isn’t a Survival Plan – ABC News

Every single statement by Cuomo goes beyond the pale of idiocy. Seventy-five percent of New York’s  energy usage comes from fossil fuels. Only one percent from wind and solar. They aren’t increasing nuclear. They can’t increase hydro. The only way they can get to 50% is by freezing millions of New Yorkers to death, after their coldest winter on record in 2014/2015.

ScreenHunter_10724 Oct. 08 21.11

Sea level at Manhattan has been rising at the same rate (2.8mm/year) since Lincoln was president. It is mainly due to land subsidence, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. It will take over 400 years  for sea level to rise four feet there.


Data and Station Information for NEW YORK ( THE BATTERY)

In 1988, NASA’s top scientist predicted Manhattan would be underwater by now. Sea level at Manhattan has only risen an inch or two since Hansen made that brainless forecast.


Stormy weather –

The occurrence of hot weather in New York has been declining since the 19th century.

ScreenHunter_10722 Oct. 08 20.52ScreenHunter_10721 Oct. 08 20.51

Global temperatures have been declining since the beginning of the 21st century. It is barking madness to be discussing a two degree rise in temperature.

ScreenHunter_3422 Oct. 07 20.10

Our governments are run by criminals, idiots and liars.

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19 Responses to Today’s Climate Moron Of The Day : Andrew Cuomo

  1. Marsh says:

    I believe we should take more care, when appointing names to people that exceed the normal range of stupidity. Moron ( IQ of 51-70 ) maybe giving too much in this instance , whereas Imbecile is ( IQ of 26-50 ) & more befitting ; given the lack of logic and short term memory.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      Besides, you are insulting 8 year olds all over the world by comparing people like Cuomo with them.

  2. Steve Case says:

    “It will take over 400 years for sea level to rise four feet there”

    IF the rate stays the same. Just remember that the satellite record shows a bit of deceleration since 1992.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Politics of fear, using non existent global warming as an excuse for instituting world communism. With no hurricanes in site, almost a certainty that the US will go 11 years without a major hurricane.

  4. bleakhouses says:

    You know, we here in NY already get about as much “renewable” as anyone could from Niagra Falls. The only way to get his kind of numbers are massive tidal and river flow generators. Apparently he hasn’t looked at history to see what those who came before found when they dabbled in that tech.

  5. Scott says:

    Manhattan is bigger now than it was in 1850. That’s because every time they put up a building on the water front they put in pilons out in the water and back-fill it in with cement.

  6. Everyone with a functioning brain and even the most basic understanding of world history should understand that to accomplish such a fundamental transformation of society would require a government with absolute and dictatorial powers. History shows that once such a government is in place, it doesn’t need to worry about how stupid its pronouncements and policies are. The totalitarian systems of the 20th century were saying and doing the most idiotic things for decades on end, with absolute impunity. They were making it up as they went along from crisis to crisis, with hundreds of millions suffering and dying.

    In moments of unguarded candor, the advocates of governmental response to “climate change” admit they desire just such powers.

  7. mpcraig says:

    He is a moron because he makes statements like this: “To deny that climate change is real is to defy reason … denial is not a survival strategy,””

    He is makes a statement with no meaning whatsoever and turns it into both a personal attack and an appearance that our very survival is at stake. Moron.

  8. Dave1billion says:

    “…by 2030. Cuomo said he hoped New York would be able to generate 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by then.”

    Well, fossil fuels ARE a renewable resource if you’re really really patient.

    Note they never set measurable deadlines such as “.. by the end of my second term”.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    I just turned up this site. I do not agree with all his claims (the physics is flaky) however it is very nicely organized with loads of links making it a good reference to bookmark.

    (The author is a biologist)

  10. Koop in VA says:

    Why is it that Tony’s graph says the highest temp in 2014 or 2015 is a little above 94 degrees and I can go to accuweather and see that it was 97 degrees this year in NYC?

  11. Andy Oz says:

    “Our governments are run by criminals, idiots and liars.”
    In the USA, UK, EU and Australia, this is definitely the case. Canada may be an exception, but Goldman Sachs are doing their best to buy this election and change the government. In Australia, Goldman Sachs displaced PM Tony Abbott, just prior to Paris 2015, because Abbott was against signing up to fascist globalisation tax laws. These guys play for keeps. They use any means. The last people to do that were Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe et al and their countries benefited with tens of millions being killed. This is what we can look forward to. Social breakdown causing civil wars, regional wars and possibly WW3, directed by the first global dictator of the 21st Century. Prior to that, they round up the conscientious objectors and hustle them off to camps. Manning, Assange and Snowden are either in camps or exiled, but there are many many more.

    • Marsh says:

      Andy Oz… that’s really extreme “but” there’s an air of truth in principle…

      • David A says:

        Marsh, is this the extreme part; “The last people to do that were Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe et al and their countries benefited with tens of millions being killed.”
        It may not be at all. Statist policies almost always have the opposite of their claimed and politicized intent. Thus the “affordable care act” is not affordable, the war on poverty, creates poverty, the efforts to free the common man from being enslaved, instead turn him into a vassal of the state, and the striving for “one world government” creates global one world wars. It is very tragic, and right now things are moving in that direction.

  12. it is funny . . . how can you argue that climate change isn’t real? it is equally laughable to think that mankind can actually do something to really change the climate positively or negatively; thank you Tony for helping me validate my perceptions and reality in check

  13. rah says:

    BTW over the last two years during my multiple trips across the I-90 NY thruway they have put up two bladed wind turbines at most of the toll stations and about all of the toll way maintenance facilities along that road between the state line and Albany.

    I have also noticed that about 1/2 the time they’re idle.

    The state claims they’re trying to “off set energy costs”.

    Fact is if they really gave a damn about costs they would have put in automatic ticket dispensers long ago and cut the number of attendants in half like so many other states did.

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