More From America’s Very Hot Past

On this date in 1953, Palestine, Illinois was 104 degrees, 30 degrees warmer than today. They had four 100 degree days during September, 1953. Palestine, IL hasn’t had a 100 degree day in September since 1991.

One hundred days there were common prior to 1960, but they almost never happen before.

ScreenHunter_3322 Sep. 29 11.36

One of the primary functions of both NASA and NOAA is to make America’s hot past disappear.


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7 Responses to More From America’s Very Hot Past

  1. ARW says:

    Just for the record – Accuweather has recorded the following highs for Hoyt Lakes in Northern Minnesota for the month of September (check the month option)

    11th Sept Hi 127, Low 39
    12th Sept Hi 115 Low 32
    27th Sept Hi 147 Low 57

    I am not sure where they get their data but is really needs some QA QC.

    • Gail Combs says:

      What year?

      I am in North Carolina and we are seeing 70s and 80s. High this year was a couple days at 98F

      • ARW says:

        This month Sept 2015 – I wore a jacket on the 27th. Maybe there is some pending QA/QC but it seems so obviously wrong they would look into it straight away

      • ARW says:

        The NOAA station is at Eveleth airport – extreme jet wash ???

      • ARW says:

        Official NOAA data for that station does not have those peaks – I wonder where Accuweather gets their data from…

      • ARW says:

        And of course when I type in the NOAA decimal lat longs – the station is not at the airport. it is located 4000m to the NW. A close look at a 5/23/13 sat image shows nothing there – could have moved I guess.

  2. Ted says:

    Here’s the Accuweather link:

    Looks legit to me. I would have worn a jacket on the 27th, too. You need something to protect you from that kind of heat.

    Other than those three days, the high for the month was 82. Lets assume each of those days was also 82, which I think is very generous. Doing the math, that makes the reported daily average for this September over 4 1/2 degrees high. It doesn’t take many stations like that to give us the “Hottest September Ever.”

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