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Gavin is digging his hole deeper and deeper. In order to get rid of the hiatus for his boss Barry, he bumped up all recent temperatures. Note in the animation below that since March he has moved recent years outside his March error bar. He must be under a lot pressure from the White House to do something so blatantly dishonest, though it is not the first time he has done that.

But something else interesting is going on. Having been called out for making the 1940’s blip disappear, he is apparently trying to bring it back. Note that he has increased 1940’s temperatures by a large amount since March, once again outside the error bar.

From: Tom Wigley <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: 1940s
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
Cc: Ben Santer <>

It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.


The overall data tampering since March is quite spectacular, with the apparent goals of making the hiatus disappear, and trying to cover his tracks with the previous disappearance of the 1940’s blip.

ScreenHunter_10394 Sep. 07 23.30

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16 Responses to Gavin’s Tangled Web

  1. omanuel says:

    Yup. Right up the chain of command. That is where orders have been initiated for the past seventy years to prevent public knowledge of the energy source that sustains our lives and powers the cosmos. Whether popes or ordinary politicians, tyrants do not want ordinary citizens to know they too are powerless.

    • shane says:

      That’s a decent Meme to propogate I think. Fwiw

      If they can’t control the Sun?
      What else can’t they control?

      The Economy?
      The Climate?
      Their own consciences?
      The People? should they actually get together?

  2. Steve Case says:

    You know what? Data tampering is becoming a regular expected phenomenon. You know like those Geico movie theater commercials. If you’re a free range chicken, riding the rails is what you do, and if you’re a government funded climatologist, tampering with the data, is what you do.

  3. “why the blip” … it’s because the whole thing is noise, so in order to exaggerate one part of the curve, you will inevitably end up exaggerating other parts you did not intend.

    What you will probably find is that the common factor that is currently warming is the same common factor that made the 1940s warmer, so e.g. if he is using El Nino warmed areas to boost the current readings … then I assume there was a similar El Nino condition in the 1940s.

    Which probably means that he’s just enhancing the readings that showed a dramatic decline in temperature after the 1940s blip … so what goes around comes around … he’ll regret it yet!

  4. emsnews says:

    All wrong!

    This is exactly the book, ‘1984’. Big Brother’s operatives constantly were tampering with past history, rewriting it over and over again. Capriciously. And the poor bureaucrats had to memorize the new past history and parrot it.

    This leads to insanity. Our deranged lying ‘climatologists’ keep altering the past up and down, in and out, every month, like deranged monkeys (the millions of monkeys typing random stuff story comes to mind) are paid to produce whatever lies the elites need to tax thin air we exhale.

    This scheme to tax every human on earth for exhaling is one of the greatest scams by elites ever and will probably cause a revolt in the bitter end when it gets very cold again and people are dying due to extreme cold.

  5. Andy DC says:

    The constant upward trend they are showing is not at all realistic, even assuming there has been some actual warming, which is highly questionable . Nothing in weather or climate is that neat and orderly.

  6. Billy Liar says:

    Data tampering is a drug, once you start, you’re hooked. Like Hansen, Gavin will be doing it until he retires.

  7. How pathetic.. and Soooooo many people believe in the “Science” of Climate Change.. its being rammed into kids minds.. yet, yet, NONE of them know how much and how often the data is Tampered with ..

    Total Garbage..

  8. Hifast says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections and commented:
    Amazing how a dataset from six months ago (Mar 2015) has putrified in a short amount of time. I would conclude that the newest dataset will also have a short shelf life and isn’t worthy of recognition.

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