CBS Fire Fraud Of The Day

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Across the West this year, wildfires are burning hotter and faster.

Flame-resistant cameras give experts new view on wildfires – CBS News

This has been one of the quietest years on record for fires in New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming.

Claims that fires are burning faster and hotter due to global warming are flat out fraud. Read this horrifying account of the fires in Wisconsin in 1871. We have never experienced anything remotely like that.

Saturday 9 December 1871


By the ship St. John, from San Francisco, we have California papers to the 18th October. They contain most distressing accounts of the continued progress of the great fires in several of the Western States, by means of which many hundreds of lives and property to the amount of many millions have been destroyed.

(From the Milwaukee Sentinel, October 10th.)

GREEN BAY, October 11th.—Charles Woodward just in from Peshtigo, says that 600 persons perished in the flames. Newspaper reports cannot exaggerate the fearful loss of life on the east shore. Green Bay is filled with refugees. The report of the burning of Williamson’s mills is fully confirmed. Fifty-five lives are lost, and ten bodies are badly burned, and only three uninjured, one ot whom is in the city.— At Pensaukee between twelve and fifteen barns, and dwellings on the Little River-road were burned. Thomas Buckley lost his life while trying to save his furniture. The shanty hovels, and about one mile of track at Tramroad are also destroyed.

On Sunday night about 9 o’clock, a fire broke out in the south part of the Belgian settlement at Brussels, Door county, destroying 180 houses, and leaving nothing of the large and flourishing settlement but five houses. Nine persons are missing ; they are supposed to have perished. Houseless people camp on their land, and seem struck dumb by the great losses. Their houses, barns,implements of farming, household furniture and cattle are burned and destroyed. The roads are filled with carcasses of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs,dying from the smoke and heat. The inhabitants during the conflagration, only saved their lives by throwing themselves upon, the ground and covering their heads. The most pitiable state of things exists all through the district visited by the fire, and hunger and starvation is staring the wretched inhabitants in the face.

The steamer Union has just arrived from Peshtigo, with a number of burned and otherwise injured survivors of the fire on Sunday night, and the steamer St. Jo, it is reported, will be in soon with nearly 100 more. The Dunlap House at Marinetta is full of the worst cases of burnt people, who arrived at that place in waggons, on yesterday and today.

The reports from the northern districts and Green Bay are hourly worse. The accounts of the suffering is unparalleled. It is thought the last estimate will be not less than five hundred deaths by burning and drowning.

Nothing can be heard from the north or north- eastern villages, as the heats prevents communication. The roads are so dry that sawdust burns like powder.

Menominee, October 9th.—The village of Peshtigo is burned to the ground, and from 1000 to 1500 per- sons are out of homes and employment. The fire was seen last night first at half-past 8, and at 10 p.m. every building was on fire, together with the Great Peshtigo Manufacturing Company’s pail and tub factory. The wind came from the south-west, and was heard coming an hour before it burst upon the town, and many were awakened from sleep with barely time to hasten to the river, and sink them selves in the water to save their lives. No mortal man could live in such a heat. The flames rolled mountains high, and swept every building, stable and fence, and left a scene most horrible to behold.Mr. J. J Tauer nearly perished in saving his family, and lost three in the flames, and Mr. Beebe’s family one child, and some one took this child to the river.

The whole town ran for the river, hanging on to logs and brooms, and had frequently to duck their heads to save their lives. As many as seventy-five are supposed to have been burnt to death. Children and mothers, and husbands and wives, are separated by the fire-king, never to meet again. The people have been fighting for two weeks the sugar-bush and west of town-and then the fire-king moved on the town, blowing great billows of flame. The five story factory of the Peshtigo Manufacturing Com pany was lost, with all stock and machinery, and stores and warehouses, and the Peshtigo House, with all the stores and property to the amount of five to ten millions.

I just hear of the death of seventy-five persons, who could get to no water, and were strangled and burnt to death. Horses, cattle, and waggons, and all moveable property were burnt, and many are on board this boat, the St. Jo, with heads burnt, and eyes burnt out, and ears off.

Some saved themselves by hiding in wells and burying themselves in the sand, and in one case five women perished by a log turning, when they all sank to rise no more. Fires are raging near this place, and 100 or more are fighting the flames off, and all men who can are helping their neighbouring families and many entire families are burnt. The loss cannot be counted. A small village, twelve miles from here, of eighteen persons, perished at Burch Creek, aud it is sickening to see the sufferers come with eyes out and fearfully maimed, some for life. ‘ Many children were lost, wandering from their homes to the river. The whole west coast is on fire from Green Bay to Menominee. The Manufacturing Company wore making from 2000 to 3000 pails daily, and the whole farm and lumbering country for miles around Peshtigo is burnt over. The streets are as hard as brick, and some predict it will never be rebuilt. We shall probably hear of other and more dreadful losses. Other towns are threatening-Depere, Wrightstown, and Fort Howard, Fires are raging in and around them, and God knows when all this will end. One good rain would stop all, but for weeks no rain has visited this section. After a while a more complete list of the lost and damages will be published, but at present all is agony and confusion. It was said in thirty minutes after the awful roaring was heard from the woods the whole to An was in flames, and in Peshtigo no lumber was to be found to make coffins to bury the dead. One man was passing the benzine house with his family, when it exploded, and his whole family was lost except himself. This boat is full of the wounded and sufferers. The people of Marinet and Menominee have all done their duty to the survivors in clothing, food, and money, and many a man took off his coat to give to his neighbour who had lost all.


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  1. omanuel says:

    What? CBS deceiving the public? Regretfully such discoveries are part of the awakening to a reality that has been hidden from the public for at least seventy years (1945-2015), since Stalin emerged victorious from WWII to unite nations and national academies of sciences on 24 October 1945, following a news blackout of events at Konan, Korea that changed the course of world history in August-September 1945.'S_SCIENCE

    ResearchGate allows anyone to see and respond to empirical evidence:

    _ a) The Sun’s internal composition
    _ b) The definition of nuclear stability

    were knowingly FALSIFIED after WWII.

  2. spangled drongo says:

    We are continually served the same crap on “unprecedented bushfires” in Australia, Tony. Today I was looking closely at orchid covered rainforest in the national park next door only to see fire charring under well established king orchids where I know there hasn’t been any fires for many decades but obviously a very serious one in the past.

    • AndyG55 says:

      ““unprecedented bushfires” in Australia,”

      What a load of rubbish that statement really is.

      Australia has ALWAYS had bushfires.

      Nothing unprecedented except that we now have a denser (in many ways) population.

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