Recycling The Identical Global Warming BS From 70 Years Ago

Seventy years ago, the New York Times was writing the identical BS as they are today.


Warming Arctic Climate Melting Glaciers Faster, Raising Ocean Level, Scientist Says –

A decade later, they were warning of a new age

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Nothing that climate alarmists say has any meaning related to climate. It is all fraud intended to steal your money and freedom.

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5 Responses to Recycling The Identical Global Warming BS From 70 Years Ago

  1. omanuel says:

    CERN physicists accidentally blew the cover of Stalin’s followers. Physics became Stalin’s most frightening tool after WWII and remains so today. See:



  2. catweazle666 says:

    Yep, that’s what happens with cyclic phenomena.

    Strange how climate “scientists” don’t seem aware of that.

  3. Michael 2 says:

    I appreciate the effort you make finding these interesting juxtapositions. They really are delightful.

  4. Jason Calley says:

    Just in case any CAGW enthusiasts are reading this post, let me just tell them this; repeat after me — “Well sure they said those wacky things back in the 40’s and the 50’s and the 60’s! Scientists back then didn’t really know anything! NOW the scientists are right. THIS TIME the scientists are telling the truth. THIS TIME is different!!”

    There…. Don’t you feel better? No heads exploding, huh?

  5. Andy DC says:

    Those dirty 1930’s and filthy 1940’s must be purged from the record book! Didn’t we hear that one back in 2009?

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