Summer 2015 Was One Of The Least Hot On Record In The US

Meteorological summer is over. For the third year in a row, the number of 100 degree readings and their areal extent were near record lows in the US.

The frequency of 100 degree days in the US is down by 40% over the last century. Less than 3% of readings were over 100F, compared to more than 15% in 1936.

ScreenHunter_2821 Sep. 01 07.34

Similarly, the percentage of 90 degree days has also plummeted, and near record lows.

ScreenHunter_2824 Sep. 01 08.17

Just over 25% of stations reached 100 degrees sometime during the summer, compared to 75% in 1936. The area reaching 100 degrees is down 30% over the past century.

ScreenHunter_2822 Sep. 01 07.37

Data :

The criminals at the EPA claim the exact opposite, saying that the areal extent of hot days is increasing and at record highs. This is completely false, and is based on NOAA’s 100% fraudulent temperature adjustments. The graphs above show NOAA data before they tamper with it.

ScreenHunter_2823 Sep. 01 07.45

High and Low Temperatures | Climate Change | US EPA

The US is getting cooler, and the White House doesn’t want you to know about it. So government agencies simply make up fake data to meet the President’s agenda.

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19 Responses to Summer 2015 Was One Of The Least Hot On Record In The US

  1. ren says:

    The lower stratosphere shows very warm in the Great Lakes region.,44.38,1201

  2. Steve Case says:

    thanks for the link to the data. Way too much for me to handle. I hope that independent auditors eventually verify what you are finding.

  3. emsnews says:

    Snowing in Tasmania.

  4. Hansen will be please to know his group were proved right – it was getting colder in the 1970s!

  5. Here in Wisconsin, temps in June, July and August have all been below average. Guess we live in the only place in the world that it is cooler if records for heat keep getting set. September is starting out warm. So far this year, we have had to use the A/C for three days.

  6. Andy DC says:

    August, which normally is a beast in Washington, DC was unusually pleasant this year. But the records at National Airport still claim it was a degree above normal. Somehow, I don’t think my heat sensitivity has gone down with age. Plus my own temperature record shows nothing of the sort.

  7. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    NOAA caught cooking the data down-under to fit inline with the “Hottest month ever” agenda …

  8. John from Michigan says:

    Ren says, “The lower stratosphere shows very warm in the Great Lakes region.” I live in Michigan which is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes. I believe that puts me in the Great Lakes region. Locally, Spring didn’t arrive until the middle of June (we had killing frosts in late May which are very rare here), Summer only showed up now and then in July, and in August, we had autumn weather. We had no 100 degrees F. this year and very few in the 90s. If the “lower stratosphere” showed it “very warm” in the Great Lakes region, it sounds like (as usual) someone adjusted the data and ignored reality.

  9. Robert Grise says:

    I live in central Minnesota. Temps here were virtually right on the money average the past 3 months. Rainfall was up and we have a bumper crop of corn. Some stalks 14 feet high. If this is climate change it sure has been a blessing!

  10. rah says:

    Meteorological summer may be over now but real summer is still here in Central Indiana. I sleep with one bedroom window open and even now as I type this have a wing of the bay window beside me open and the crickets and tree frogs are singing. I Love those sounds at night. The lightning bugs are gone though.

    I will say that last week as I drove the PA Turnpike I noticed just a hint of Fall colors starting to show on a few of the trees at the two highest elevations on that highway.

    The big Cottonwood tree in my back yard started dropping some of it’s big leaves two weeks ago and my front yard is starting to get more and more of the Red Maple leaves from those two trees across the street to the west in it.

    If you haven’t heard the big leathery leaves of a Cottonwood tree rustling in the wind then you need to go where you can hear it. I thought about getting rid of it a few years back but it’s such a big strong tree providing excellent shade I just had it trimmed down so it won’t get my neighbors barn if it ever goes down. I’ll be hanging a swing on it for my new Granddaughter next spring.

  11. Bruce Love says:

    There’s not one damned lawyer in the States who wants to become famous and who is willing to take on the lies of these criminals Pro Bono? Seriously?

    How could you NOT get to the Supreme Court (eventually)?

    Is everything so twisted and insane that even objective facts and measurements count for nothing anymore?

    I live on half an Army Sergeant’s pension; sure wish to hell I had that damned law degree!

    Sorry to let you down, world.

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