As Expected, The Nazis At Twitter Have Shut Down My Account

ScreenHunter_8090 Mar. 23 08.01

Twitter has shut down my account without explanation. Please tweet this to everyone you know.

My last tweet was

ScreenHunter_8091 Mar. 23 08.03

Scientific debate is not permitted in this democracy. I was listening to the FCC chairman explain Net Neutrality over the weekend. He said the idea was to make it illegal for content providers to selectively block access. Apparently the real goal is to do the exact opposite.


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50 Responses to As Expected, The Nazis At Twitter Have Shut Down My Account

  1. Dave G says:

    Bet “Hope” was offended and made a call

  2. NavarreAggie says:

    I’d reTweet it for you had I had a Twitter account. Unfortunately, I have never had and don’t intend to obtain an account.

    Best of luck.

  3. Steve Case says:

    And I just read that FEMA, starting next year, will begin to deny funds to states that don’t toe the party line on climate change.

    • Gail Combs says:

      The Feds did the same thing with the 55 MPH speed limit. They did the same thing with NAIS (National Animal Identification System) Grizzella tracked the nitty gritty of the blackmailing of states and other groups:

      They did it with Premise ID which places a PERMANENT encumbrance on your deed.

      …the USDA “owns” the Premise Identification Number (page 6 “A User Guide”) and the number can only be ‘inactivated’ and not expunged or completely annihilated, does it create an encumbrance on property with the PIN? Should that be part of the disclosure on the property? What happens if someone who doesn’t want to be in NAIS in any way buys property with a PIN? (You know, since it’s “voluntary”.) Are they automatically put into the position of stakeholder under the authority of the AVIC? Will the USDA expunge that PIN upon request? According to USDA documents, even though the program is ‘voluntary at the Federal level”, the PIN stays permanently with the property, not with the person who applied for the PIN. What about the person whose property was assigned a PIN via the roll in procedures that have been employed to increase premise registration numbers using other programs like scrapie and brand registration or participation in the QSA program for cattle?….

      (The Premise ID also gets rid of the need for a warrant before a home can be entered.)

      What is a STAKEHOLDER:

      “The term stakeholder, as traditionally used in the English language in law and notably gambling, is a third party who temporarily holds money or property while its owner is still being determined.”

      This all comes back to the UN, World Bank and Communism:

      “(b) To establish agricultural planning bodies at national and local levels to decide priorities, channel resources and implement programmes.”A-21: AGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPM.

      World Bank Document on Livestock: (2010 link)

      Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

      Integrated planning and management of land resources is the subject of chapter 10 of Agenda 21, which deals with the cross-sectoral aspects of decision-making for the sustainable use and development of natural resources, including the soils, minerals, water and biota that land comprises. This broad integrative view of land resources, which are essential for life-support systems and the productive capacity of the environment, is the basis of Agenda 21’s and the Commission on Sustainable Development’s consideration of land issues.

      Expanding human requirements and economic activities are placing ever increasing pressures on land resources, creating competition and conflicts and resulting in suboptimal use of resources. By examining all uses of land in an integrated manner, it makes it possible to minimize conflicts, to make the most efficient trade-offs and to link social and economic development with environmental protection and enhancement, thus helping to achieve the objectives of sustainable development. (Agenda 21, para 10.1)

      ….Governments at the appropriate level, with the support of the relevant international and regional organizations, should:

      (a) Carry out national policy reviews related to food security, including adequate levels and stability of food supply and access to food by all households;

      (b) Review national and regional agricultural policy in relation, inter alia, to foreign trade, price policy, exchange rate policies, agricultural subsidies and taxes, as well as organization for regional economic integration;

      (c) Implement policies to influence land tenure and property rights positively with due recognition of the minimum size of land-holding required to maintain production and check further fragmentation

      (h) Formulate and implement integrated agricultural projects that include other natural resource activities, such as management of rangelands, forests, and wildlife, as appropriate;

      United Nations agencies, such as FAO, the World Bank, IFAD and GATT, and regional organizations, bilateral donor agencies and other bodies should, within their respective mandates, assume a role in working with national Governments in the following activities:….

      D. Land-resource planning, information and education for agriculture
      Basis for action

      14.34. Inappropriate and uncontrolled land uses are a major cause of degradation and depletion of land resources. Present land use often disregards the actual potentials, carrying capacities and limitations of land resources, as well as their diversity in space. It is estimated that the world’s population, now at 5.4 billion, will be 6.25 billion by the turn of the century. The need to increase food production to meet the expanding needs of the population will put enormous pressure on all natural resources, including land….


      14.36. The objectives of this programme area are:

      (a) To harmonize planning procedures, involve farmers in the planning process, collect land-resource data, design and establish databases, define land areas of similar capability, identify resource problems and values that need to be taken into account to establish mechanisms to encourage efficient and environmentally sound use of resources;

      Basis for action

      14.44. Land degradation is the most important environmental problem affecting extensive areas of land in both developed and developing countries. The problem of soil erosion is particularly acute in developing countries, while problems of salinization, waterlogging, soil pollution and loss of soil fertility are increasing in all countries. Land degradation is serious because the productivity of huge areas of land is declining just when populations are increasing rapidly and the demand on the land is growing to produce more food, fibre and fuel. Efforts to control land degradation, particularly in developing countries, have had limited success to date. Well planned, long-term national and regional land conservation and rehabilitation programmes, with strong political support and adequate funding, are now needed. While land-use planning and land zoning, combined with better land management, should provide long-term solutions, it is urgent to arrest land degradation and launch conservation and rehabilitation programmes in the most critically affected and vulnerable areas.


      Recognizing the global nature of these issues, the international community, in convening Habitat II, has decided that a concerted global approach could greatly enhance progress towards achieving these goals. Unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, particularly in industrialized countries, environmental degradation, demographic changes, widespread and persistent poverty, and social and economic inequality can have local, cross-national and global impacts. The sooner communities, local governments and partnerships among the public, private and community sectors join efforts to create comprehensive, bold and innovative strategies for shelter and human settlements, the better the prospects will be for the safety, health and well-being of people and the brighter the outlook for solutions to global environment and social problems.

      …The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development – the Earth Summit – held at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, produced Agenda 21. At that Conference, the international community agreed on a framework for the sustainable development of human settlements…. The Global Strategy for Shelter to the Year 2000, adopted in 1988, which emphasizes the need for improved production and delivery of shelter, revised national housing policies and an enabling strategy, offers useful guidelines for the realization of adequate shelter for all in the next century.

      ….involvement for civil society actors, for publicprivate partnerships, and for decentralized, participatory planning and management, which are important features of a successful urban future. Cities and towns have been engines of growth and incubators of civilization and have facilitated the evolution of knowledge, culture and tradition, as well as of industry and commerce. Urban settlements, properly planned and managed, hold the promise for human development and the protection of the world’s natural resources through their ability to support large The Habitat Agenda Goals and Principles, Commitments and the Global Plan of Action numbers of people while limiting their impact on the natural environment. The growth of cities and towns causes social, economic and environmental changes that go beyond city boundaries. Habitat II deals with all settlements – large, medium and small – and reaffirms the need for universal improvements in living and working conditions…


      • Steve Case says:

        Thanks (I guess) for reminding me of the 55 mph extortion.

      • I. Lou Minotti says:

        Great post, Gail. Thanks. I’ve been studying A-21 for a few years now since my wife & I are experiencing the potential loss of our property due to A-21, and the 2005 Kelo decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m sure you’ve seen this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained:

        Even some Democrats are wising up.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      They also did the same with the 0.8% DUI limit.

  4. Sorry for the confusion earlier Steve/ Tony, it wasn’t my intention.

  5. emsnews says:

    The stupidest form of communication, ever, was twitter. I never use it. It is a waste of time and looks stupid, too.

    And yes, there is censorship only it has been going on for a long, long time. When one goes to any website and posts things the host dislikes but which is on topic, polite and reasonable, you get banned. Happens all the time.

    Twitter is owned by a West Coast warmist. They are roasting to death there and think the entire planet is super hot. They hate hearing that this is delusional so they ban anyone who talks about the contrary situation with super cold happening over key parts of the planet.

    No surprise you were banned. Go against the propaganda always ends this way. People who support an ideological position are allowed to be rude, obscene, violent threats, everything and nothing happens to them so long as they obey the Prime Directive of the owners of the systems.

  6. I have asked support why you were suspended. Wait and see if they answer.

  7. NancyG says:

    I’d tweet it, but my account is old, unused, and I have no followers. I had bots or ad accounts following me but removed them. I don’t talk to anyone I know via twitter, occasionally I’d read tweets from the people I follow but not very often. Twitter likes to crash my browser.

    You’re gone from my following list, your tweets are gone from my feed, it’s like you never existed. Can you get it back, or do you have to start a new account?

  8. also asked for @support to fix +++ RT others who requested the same; not sure what they are afraid of; they have $$$ billions bank rolling their propaganda

  9. njsnowfan says:

    I put out a few tweets to @twitchyteam. Just maybe they will run the story.

  10. Tom Woods says:

    “Scientific debate is not permitted in this democracy. I was listening to the FCC chairman explain Net Neutrality over the weekend. He said the idea was to make it illegal for content providers to selectively block access. Apparently the real goal is to do the exact opposite.”

    We really are now living in George Orwell’s 1984.

    • bit chilly says:

      have to agree with this,it is getting worse day by day in the western world. do not let them grind you down tony,keep at them.

  11. Les Johnson says:

    I tweeted @support, and asked why Steve was suspended. I also asked that accounts that made false accusations be suspended….

  12. chick20112011 says:

    Yet there are racists still twittering with calls of murder, using to incite riots or “flash mobs” and that’s status quo with Twitter and they ban “diverse thought”.

  13. Elmer says:

    I blogged and Tweeted and Facebooked it. Let’s see how long untill I go I also retweeted your last tweet.

  14. gator69 says:

    I don’t tweet, and now I know why.

  15. After having known this state of emergency, I cried.
    I cry and stop crying and cry again.
    You are a brave person.
    You are my pride.
    You are my hope itself.
    I pray for your return. Heartily.
    And it will come true immediately!

  16. Elmer says:

    I guess your content was not considered legal.

  17. Your twitter account is back up I guess they got the message from all your supporters.

  18. Elmer says:

    Steve, How many Twitter followers did you have?

  19. larrydalooza says:

    I just deactivated my account. I don’t need to be part of the problem.

  20. Dave says:

    That’s the progressive way. Soon they will be going after blogs. They can’t win the debate so they will try using the backdoor to shut down alternative views. Tyranny?

  21. Beau Jeste says:

    The fascists at Facebook also shut mt account down after I went to share the link:
    Freedom of speech?

    • Chris Barron says:

      That’s no big deal is it

      Since the 1980’s every interenational phonecall made from the UK was routed through the American listening base at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. And since internet providers use phonelines then….yeah it has been going on forever.

      Some Russians could be your friends, some Americans could be your enemy…best not think about it, they’ll come to find you when they need to speak to you anyway.

      There was a time when the local newsagent, postmaster, pub landlord and barber could work out huge amounts of information about people in their villages when they got together…..people are inherently nosy and it’s wrong to think anything is ever secure

      ‘You can trust friends, but it’s the people who your friends tell that you usually can’t trust”

  22. njsnowfan says:

    Daily caller picked up on the twitter suspension now along with @twithcyteam.

  23. Barrowice says:

    Yeah I cancelled my Twitter account a few days ago… Had, had enough. Thanks though everyone who followed me!

  24. YoMama says:

    Twitter is what those little pansy progressive liberal hipsters who work at Facebook use to complain about everything, while accomplishing nothing. That is when they have free time between banning posts of people who hunt, or like to excessive their rights. Remember MySpace? Where no one cared what you posted? And you could customize your page? Why everyone uses twatter and facebook is beyond me.

  25. Robertv says:

    twitter ?

  26. Ken Frantzen says:

    Obama will issue an executive order to burn all Math and Science Texts in the United States. He will shut down the Science Channel because of their “Question Everything” definition of science. Burning at the stake will be the punishment for any scientists who questions a Liberal Democrat who doesn’t have a science degree.

  27. Elmer says:

    You Know You’re Over the Target When You’re Catching Flak

  28. John G says:

    Look on the bright side…when they restore your account, your audience will have tripled or quadrupled at least.

  29. kentclizbe says:

    Well, one interesting bit of information comes out of this incident: We now know the category Twitter puts you in. You’re just another terrorist to them:

    “A man posting online as Bandar al-Californi documented his preparations for hijrah in a long-running Twitter series. “I have much to do yet. Learn Arabic, save money, plan my course,” he wrote last November, adding that he was giving himself six months to leave.

    “What an honor,” he tweeted to a self-described Islamic State fighter. “I hope to be in Sham soon,” he added, using a name for greater Syria. His Twitter account was suspended late last year, making it hard to say if he had succeeded.”

  30. R. Shearer says:

    Censorship often makes people curious and thereby backfires.

  31. Kingb says:

    My bet is that it was shutdown by a copyright/trademark complaint over the use of a copyrighted picture as his avatar. This recently happened in BC where a complaint to Twitter about a misuse of a copyrighted/trademarked avatar photo was used to shut down an account that parodied our Ferry system. See the attached link for the story.

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