Hiding The 1940’s Blip

Gavin makes the 1940’s blip disappear in the US, by simply changing the data and inverting the blip. The graph below shows the changes he has made since 2001.

ScreenHunter_7839 Mar. 10 09.252001 : FigD.txt
2015 : Fig.D.txt

From: Tom Wigley <wigley@ucar.edu>
To: Phil Jones <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>
Subject: 1940s
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
Cc: Ben Santer <santer1@llnl.gov>

It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.


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14 Responses to Hiding The 1940’s Blip

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks for showing changes made in global temperature data after 2001.

    Your reports of altered temperature data ended the AGW debate.

    The data were altered to hide effects of an unacknowledged solar force – that produced, in solar cycle #24, the lowest sunspot number recorded since 1750. (Sunspots are produced when powerful, deep-seated magnetic fields emerge through the photosphere.)

    The unacknowledged solar force was pointed out in 2002 in climate models used by the UN’s IPCC.

    See: “Super-fluidity in the solar interior: Implications for solar eruptions and climate”, Journal of Fusion Energy 21, 193-198 (2002)]: http://www.springerlink.com/content/r2352635vv166363/

    • omanuel says:

      Neutron repulsion is the unacknowledged force in cores of:

      1. Heavy atoms like Uranium See video below, “The Nuclear Scare Scam”
      2. The Sun & Ordinary stars See video below, “The Global Warming Scam”

  2. gator69 says:

    It was this kind of data fraud that finally convinced my brother, who works at NASA, that the CAGW folks are crooks. He could not believe that his peers at NASA were doing anything dishonest, until I started feeding him Tony’s graphs.

    Thanks Tony!

    • kentclizbe says:


      The missing piece in our efforts to expose the fraud is an insider whistleblower.

      Nearly every large-scale fraud/criminal enterprise exposed and taken down required an insider/whistleblower:

      Penn State’s pedophile ring
      Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme
      Watergate’s John Dean

      The beauty of the situation with the climate alarmist cult is that they are using US government funding to propagate their fraud.

      There is a wonderful law, known as the False Claims Act, which deals specifically with such frauds.

      It allows an insider/whistleblower to initiate action against the fraudsters. Once the lawsuit is taken up, the whistleblower shares in the funds clawed back from the fraudsters.

      The numbers in the climate cult fraud are enormous.

      A whistleblower with inside information on the scam could walk away with 10’s of millions of dollars, and a place in history.

      I’m working with a NYC lawyer who specializes in False Claims Act suits. We’re gaining traction. An NASA insider could end up being the key to the kingdom.

      Here’s an article from Penn State’s college paper about my work:


      If your brother would like to do the right thing, ask him to contact me:


      Confidentiality assured.

      • gator69 says:

        Hey Kent! I started using an assumed name when my brother went to work at NASA as a means of protecting him from my comments. His position is highly political and he has had to testify in front of congress more than once. On top of that my namesake nephew also works for he government in DC, and I would hate to see his career take a hit, as would my brother. I can ask him, but I doubt he wants to sacrifice his family, considering our repeated attempts to stop this fraud have always failed.

        Whistleblowers, especially under this administration, do not fare well.

        • kentclizbe says:


          Absolutely understand. It’s like the mafia–implicit and explicit threats to life and livelihood for violating Omerta.

          That said, the potential rewards are substantial:

          Here are some top recent whistleblower awards:

          1. UBS: $104 million; September 2012 The IRS award to Bradley Birkenfeld made him the most richly rewarded whistleblower to date. Birkenfeld, however, paid a price. He spent 40 months in prison for his own complicity in the tax fraud he said his former employer UBS had perpetrated.

          2. Pfizer: $102 million; September 2009 A group of 10 for Pfizer employees, including original whistleblower John Kopchinski, were awarded $102 million for having exposed the illegal promotion of the arthritis drug Bextra, according to the American Lawyer.

          3. HCA: $100 million; December 2000 Two whistleblowers shared a $100 million reward, after they told the FBI that the healthcare provider was regularly overbilling Medicare. Their tips led to government raids of 35 HCA locations in 1997, and to HCA’s payment of a landmark fine.

          4. GlaxoSmithKline: $94 million; July 2012 The probe of what the American Lawyer calls the biggest health care fraud settlement in history began in 2003 with whistleblowing complaints filed by Cheryl Eckard, who alleged manufacturing faults at one of Glaxo’s plants. Glaxo, without admitting wrongdoing, agreed to pay fines to settle civil allegations.

          5. Abbott Laboratories: $84 million; August 2012 As reported by the American Lawyer, whistleblowers stand to receive some $84 million under the False Claims Act in a settlement by Abbott concerning off-label promotions of its anti-seizure drug Depakote.

          6. Bank of America: $25 million; March 2012 BofA in February agreed to pay fines to settle a federal probe of alleged underwriting and mortgage fraud involving subsidiary Countrywide Financial. A suit by whistleblower Kyle Lagow helped spark the investigation, and Lagow was awarded $14.5 million, according to Reuters.

          7. Tenet: $8.1 million; January 2004 Two whistleblowers responsible for having told the FBI they believed physicians at a Tenet hospital in Redding, Calif., were performing unnecessary cardiac procedures, shared a reward of $8.1 million, their percentage of a $54 million settlement—a record amount for a fraud allegation involving a single hospital, according to Modern Healthcare. Tenet did not admit any wrongdoing.

        • gator69 says:

          I understand Kent, but look at that list again. See any government entities? I’ll ask but my brother puts family first, just like I do.

        • omanuel says:

          Your concerns are legitimate.

          I was retired, but still did a lot of “soul searching” before finally deciding I had to go public with organized efforts in federal research agencies like NASA and DOE to hide the source of energy in cores of ordinary stars and heavy atoms.


          Two great scientists, Sir Fred Hoyle and Paul Kazuo Kuroda, risked their careers to release information about 1945-1946 changes in solar and nuclear physics that were falsified by experimental measurements and observations in my career (1960-present).

  3. emsnews says:

    What they are doing is hiding the huge effect the sun has on climate. When there is a lot of sunspot activity, there is heating up of our little planet. When the sun is quiet, it gets significantly colder here on earth.

  4. ren says:

    Is the record snow will be scored in Boston?

    • stewartpid says:

      Too warm, in the mid 40’s and only rain from the intellicast maps but lets hope for snow to set a record.
      Re Gavin’s torture of the data …. climate science at it’s absolute finest …. if the data is tortured enough it always seems to yield the desired answer!!

    • Andy DC says:

      I think over the weekend, the Boston record should fall.

  5. Ernest Bush says:

    Unfortunately for him, he can’t erase photos and memories of snowy winters in Houston, Texas, at that time.

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