Coldest Start To The Year On Record In The Northeast US

The Northeastern US just had our coldest January/February on record, and the highest percentage of nights below OF ever recorded – with more than one night out of four below 0F. There is no long term trend towards warmth or cold for either metric.

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Government experts lie about this, because that is their job.

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13 Responses to Coldest Start To The Year On Record In The Northeast US

  1. emsnews says:

    50% of the nights on my mountain this last 2 months have been below zero and this includes tonight and two more times this coming week!!!!

    This is effing insanely cold. I remember the 1970’s and it was this cold back then. And next winter will probably be even worse, I am fearing. My neighbors all ran out of firewood. I still have some left!

    We are planning our firewood chopping expeditions in the forests this summer, everyone is very freaked out and hoping to make lots and lots of chords of wood.

    The only reason I have any firewood left is my burning coal when it is below zero. Went through nearly 50 bags of coal this winter! Way more than usual.

  2. aaron says:

    I remember the end of the cold war, the rise of earth day and building igloos out in the blizzards of Baltimore city.

  3. aaron says:

    Still some of the same players

    • Gail Combs says:

      Green on the outside Red on the inside.

      Communist, Maurice Strong grabbed control back in 1972 with the UN First Earth Summit.

  4. ren says:

    The forecast shows the harsh winter in Canada and cooling in Europe.

  5. gator69 says:

    Alcoholics say “It’s five o’clock somewhere”, to defend their addiction.

    Alarmists say, “It’s hot somewhere”, to defend their prediction.

  6. aaron says:

    Methane craters in Siberia accompanied by 5 degrees average warming, says one scientist.

  7. sully says:

    Thanks ren. It is cold here in eastern canada. Double the average snowfall this year so far. 280cms and rising.

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