More Concerns For The Washington DC Polar Bear Population


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  1. Edmonton Al says:

    Something to note: There were Polar Bears in the zoo in Stanley Park In Vancouver BC Canada, for years and years. Returned to the wild now. BUT, They lived there in a large enclosure with a pool and dens without any apparent problems. None died that I know of. And, all this despite the temperature in Vancouver hardly ever going below freezing. .

  2. emsnews says:

    I see the polar bears blend in with the environment of DC perfectly. Perhaps they will eat some food wandering about between the Capital building and the White House.

  3. Michael 2 says:

    Polar bears are on exhibit at Sea World in San Diego.

  4. gator69 says:

    If only…

  5. Gail Combs says:

    Unfortunately we just got a visit from the electric company to install a SMART METER.

    The cock and bull stories we were fed was incrediBULL. It was all about how they could now find power outages easer and as consumers we could watch our consumption practices and would now have the FREEDOM to adjust accordingly and save money.

    Not a word was said about the power company now being able to charge huge rates for peak time use to force you to move your usage to a different time. Nothing said about the power company selectively shutting off your power so the town offices or a factory didn’t suffer when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Note Duke Energy is using a Federal Grant (Tax payer money) to implement this stranglehold on their customers.

    ….Rolling outages are systematic, temporary interruptions of electrical service. They are the last step in a progressive series of emergency procedures that ERCOT follows when it detects that there is a shortage of power generation within the Texas electric grid…. With smart meters, CenterPoint Energy is proposing to add a process prior to shutting down whole circuits to conduct a mass turn off of individual meters with 200 amps or less (i.e. residential and small commercial consumers) for 15 or 30 minutes, rotating consumers impacted during that outage as well as possible future outages.
    This URL now goes to the same happy horse shit Duke Energy is spewing.
    This URL turns up if you google a phrase in the piece I cited. Now both Opera and Firefox says the site is untrustworthy and then will not connect.

    I asked point blank about these concerns and hubby even called the office. All we got was propaganda.

    On top of that they said we could not keep our meter but had a choice of the SMART METER or its cousin that has to have someone come and read it at a $30 a month extra charge. (Hubby has read meters for years and telephoned in the reading, cutting the service call to once a year.)

    Again that is BULLSHIT!

    Several states have implemented policies that allow customers to opt out of smart meters, but, to exercise this option, these customers typically pay an initial fee and a monthly opt-out fee.

    …With 50 million smart meters deployed, utilities are now focused on integrating and optimizing information gathered by smart meters (and transmitted by AMI communications systems) and other investments in the digital grid….

    The IEI 2014 Smart Meter survey highlighted a few areas where utilities are leveraging smart meters….

    …Smart meters provide a digital link between the utility and the customer and opens the door for energy management. Popular new services that utilities provide to customers include: budget setting and high usage alerts, online portals with easy to understand graphics, home energy reports, and easily downloadable energy usage data which customers can upload into their preferred app….

    …Smart pricing programs are growing across the U.S., resulting in energy and bill savings for the majority of customers…… ‘smart pricing’ programs which reward participants for voluntarily reducing energy consumption when demand for electricity and prices are expected to be especially high….
    Some customers are using devices like programmable controllable thermostats to respond to the price signals, while others are altering their behavior – all to take advantage of the opportunity to save money on their electricity bill.

    If you read between the lines this is all about manipulating the consumer into moving towards ‘Sustainability’ aka Agenda 21

  6. put a Faraday cage around it.

  7. See - owe to Rich says:

    Hey Steve, are you sure that’s DC and not Lake Kittimaqundi in Columbia? I used to live near there, but that was 30 years ago, and of course it looked different then – there wasn’t all that ice and snow! But that was in the good old days before glowball worming…


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