Climate Central Fraud Update

Heidi Cullen says that global warming is making winters around the Great Lakes red hot.

ScreenHunter_4692 Nov. 17 07.31

Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends | Climate Central

The Great Lakes have all-time record ice cover, with most of the last 13 years normal or above normal ice cover. Apparently Heidi believes that the freezing point of water has changed.

ScreenHunter_7394 Feb. 24 16.55

Michigan February temperatures are falling at 69 degrees per century.

ScreenHunter_7468 Feb. 26 23.42

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14 Responses to Climate Central Fraud Update

  1. gator69 says:

    Since there are no weather stations on the lakes themselves, they must extrapolate temperatures from nearby locations like Dallas, Miami, and Phoenix. And then of course they must adjust for TOBS and station moves. But really, you have to wait at least a few decades to find out what the temperatures really were/are.

  2. emsnews says:

    You mean, from Death Valley and only in summer. 🙂

  3. Eliza says:

    This is how low they are going
    Finishes at 2010!!!!! They are really NON_SCIENTISTS. Maybe its time you took these guys on re NOAA, NASA, ect Cryosphere today UNi of ILLinois me thinks

  4. Neal S says:

    The first images caption reads “Average winter temperatures have been rising in every state since 1970.” Yet if you look at Nevada and the legend, it shows that even by their own likely false information, that Nevada is down by -0.1 degree per decade. With such internal inconsistencies, how could you possibly believe anything they write?

  5. james johnson says:

    I live north of Iron River, MI a simple way to judge the temp would be plant a half dozen royal palms. And each spring you know about July check and see if they made it through the previous year. That should at least indicate if it is still cold here. By the way the temp here in bright sunlight around 7-8am was around -15f this morning.

  6. Kevin Terrill says:

    Detroit wishes it was warmer. But as reality has it, tomorrow this will be the coldest February recorded since 1875 in Detroit.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Climate scientists can lie, but the Great Lakes apparently can’t do so.

  8. Look at IPCC AR5 Figure 1.9 table of projections. Pretty much a total bust.

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