71% Increase In 4/5 Year Old Ice Since 2011

Since the same date in 2011, the amount of 4/5 year old ice in the Arctic has increased by 71%. Experts say that the Arctic is melting down.

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  1. ian005 says:

    People also might want to take a look at polarbearscience.com, where it’s noted that the Canadian Ice Service is reporting more ice in Foxe Basin & Hudson’s Bay since 1992. Professor Crockford, from University of Victoria, notes in her blog:

    “This is shaping up to be a banner year for polar bears in Foxe Basin (central Canada), with more ice in this region than there’s been since 1992.”

  2. rah says:

    But it’s “rotten” old ice isn’t it? I’m sorry. Just couldn’t help it.

  3. bit chilly says:

    the stupid,it really does burn http://forum.arctic-sea-ice.net/index.php/topic,778.3000.html lets hope jim pays a bit more attention over at ” nevens arctic alarmists .com ” . the frivolous idiot calmed down for a few posts but is now back in were all gonna die mode.

    along with supposition geo-engineering has slowed the melt this season, contamination from fukishima and other nonsense ,none of them appear to actually check the temperature data at or near sea level

    this :

    As you probably know, the enormous and ancient landfast ice shelves that were once attached to northern Ellesmere are all gone now. The water between Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Island was open last year or the year before. Peter Wadhams (priv. comm.) told me that some Danish scientists had drilled through there some years ago, and the sea floor sediments indicated that that water had not been open for 14,000 years. He seemed to be a little stunned by the news that it was open.

    The open areas off the Canadian Archipelago and northern Greenland seem to arrive earlier and stay longer and appear off NNE Greenland even during the winter, now.

    and the response :

    “sea floor sediments indicated that that water had not been open for 14,000 years.”

    Wow! Thanks for that long-term perspective, Tenney.

    really take the biscuit .no citations,just someone told him “open water” and “last year or maybe the year before”

    apologies for the poor formatting, i realise i am stupid,unlike the professional stupids at arctic alarmists.com

  4. Jim Hunt says:

    Meanwhile on Twitter, some ground truth:


    As shown on the ASIF!

    • Jl says:

      Again, Jim- if true in no way proves the cause is man’s extra CO2. Just that sometimes the Arctic melts, sometimes it adds ice. As it’s been doing for over 4 billion years.

      • Jim Hunt says:

        Who mentioned CO2 Jl? It certainly wasn’t me!

        I’m merely pointing out that Tony’s week 31 ice age map at the top is showing 5+ meters of ice where MODIS reveals there is actually open water, and even further north the ice is ~50% concentration..

        Shurely shome mishtake?

  5. Dmh says:

    Look how bad located the MYI was in 2011, basically half of it at the middle of the basin surrounded by 1 year ice.
    No wonder good part of it melted in 2012.

  6. Climatism says:

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