Forecast The Hate Campaign

Forecast The Facts is a classic progressive hate operation.

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The make a completely unsupported and unsupportable claim that the weather is becoming increasingly severe, and then use the words community, devastated and culprit to link skeptical weather forecasters to the bad weather and devastation of communities. The purpose is bully and intimidate honest weather forecasters into joining their climate mafia, whose objective is to extort money from the public through fear and intimidation.

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22 Responses to Forecast The Hate Campaign

  1. Andy DC says:

    A lot of TV meteorologists are familiar with weather history, thus they are less likely to be fooled by the false claim that today’s weather is any more severe or extreme than in the past.

  2. nigelf says:

    Stand your ground meteorologists! You know better then most that it is indeed a scam.

  3. Pathway says:

    This is how fascist always work. If verbal intimidation won’t work then it will become physical intimidation and finally murder.

  4. Morgan says:

    My fear is that these meteorologists are going to start being harassed by Big Climate and intimidated into alarming us on TV news about warming.

  5. Charles Nelson says:

    They are losing the battle. The facts are not on their side.
    How many people ‘really’ believe that the last cold winter was caused by Global Warming…?

  6. -=NikFromNYC=- says:

    But it’s not hot out. Storms are in no way worrisome. Nobody outside of the formal activist climate debate cares about the climate or weather. I think the debate has been won and now Tea Party conservatives will soon win and create a real Does not politics naturally swing between such things, in the West?

    • _Jim says:

      … not if the ‘crony capitalist’ (we call them the ‘good ole boy’ club) Republicans stand in the way; they would stand to lose more than they gain, hence their resistance to change …

      In the passage of the recent Weather Bill in the house, the repubs caved (showed no spine or resolve) when the dems objected to cuts in NOAA’s ‘Climate change’ research activities (AS IF we don’t have any idea what the hell will happen!)

      House passes “Weather Forecasting Improvement Act of 2014″

      Fair use excerpt from the linked blog above:

      Original drafts of the Bill were highly controversial since they proposed shifting NOAA’s research funding from climate change to weather forecasting. Democrats strongly opposed this re-prioritization. The bi-partisan version which passed, that includes 20 co-sponsors, infuses resources into weather research without decreasing climate funding.


  7. Lance says:

    Meteorologist know the difference between weather and climate. They deal with weather every day! In their lifetime, they may see a small change in climate.

  8. tom0mason says:

    So what do these climate fascists believe that weather forecasters are doing?
    Not believing their version of ‘the truth’ because they have all been paid off by big oil or the Koch brothers? These climate nutters at Forecast The Facts are becoming seriously unhinged.

    • Gail Combs says:

      No they are showing their true colors. Free speech only applies when THEY are taken to task for burning the US Flag and shouting Hate America slogans. Free speech does NOT apply when people oppose their tyranny.

  9. Andy Oz says:

    Environmentalists don’t want to spend money on caring for the Great Barrier Reef.

    • tom0mason says:

      Stands to reason as there is little political gain to be made by it for the expense.
      Environmentalism, it’s all politics.

  10. Gunny G says:

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  11. The bridge from global warming to socialism is complete.

    Global warming -> Climate change -> Climate instability -> Community devastation

    Regenerative capitalism will save towns, not socialism.

  12. Chip Bennett says:

    How disappointing. I couldn’t find any naming-and-shaming on their site. I was hoping to find out who the sound-science climatologists are in my area, so that I can watch them and avoid the pseudo-science warming alarmists.

    I guess I’ll just have to stick with avoiding The Weather Channel for the time being.

  13. edonthewayup says:

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    Not the weather channel. They are believers.

  14. Justa Joe says:

    How exactly does one forecast the facts? Don’t the facts have to occur first before they can exist as facts?

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