Atlético vs. Bayern May 24 In Lisbon

That’s my forecast*

Disclaimer : *I also forecast that City would win the Premiership   ROFL

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3 Responses to Atlético vs. Bayern May 24 In Lisbon

  1. Richard Mallett says:

    Not many would have forecast that Brendan Rogers would take Liverpool to the title. OTOH forecasting the Moyesie wouldn’t last long was rather easier. It was funny this afternoon that ‘Old Trafford sources’ were ‘refusing to deny’ the rumours 🙂

  2. B.C. says:

    Well, technically, Liverpool IS</strong a “city”, so you were at least halfway, sorta-kinda correct in your prediction. The next week should iron out who takes home all the marbles, er, blood sausage and haggis. 😉

  3. OldBruin says:

    Liverpool fan here. Unfortunately City isn’t quite dead yet. Toughest matches left are Pool at home vs. Chelsea and City away to Everton. But after what Sunderland did, who knows? (City does hold the first tiebreak — goal difference.)

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