US Winter Maximum Temperatures Declining For 85 Years

Winter afternoon temperatures in the US have declined nearly 1º C since 1930. Winters were warm for a few years around 2000, and then again in 2012 – but the trend is towards markedly colder winters in the US.

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3 Responses to US Winter Maximum Temperatures Declining For 85 Years

  1. Billy Liar says:

    Well, Wisconsin was the nexus of the last glaciation …

  2. Brian H says:

    I hope you’re not pleased by the imminent Big Chillin’! Really, you won’t like it.

  3. edmh says:

    After some 10,000 years our Happy Holocene Epoch is fading.

    The last millennium 1000-2000 AD was the coldest of the Holocene yet. This can be seen in the GISP and other ice core data. Our most recent millennium was almost 3°C less than at the peak of the Holocene “climate optimum”.

    Looking at more recent records, mirroring the North American winter information here, the UKMO Central England Temperature record in winter (December – February) has already lost more 1.5°C in the first 14 years of this century.

    With diminished solar output in cycle 24 and as presaged for cycle 25, significant cooling is certainly a rather more likely outcome than Catastrophic Man-made warming for the foreseeable future.

    But even according to IPCC published data, there much feared warming of +2°C could never be reached by adding man-made CO2 to the atmosphere. The IPCC confirms that the warming effectiveness of CO2 is diminishing with increasing concentration. So between the current 400ppmv and 800ppmv there remains less than 10% of the warming effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

    Richard Tol has assessed that up to +2°C is universally beneficial.

    There are things with the climate we really should be afraid of and +2°C warming is not one of them.

    Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming advocates fail to explain how reduction of man-made atmospheric CO2 can ever help to control Climate Change towards a cooling world.

    Nonetheless they continue to press decarbonisation policies as the solution to “Climate Change”.

    In reality any added atmospheric CO2 is just increasingly useful food for plants. If the world warms, it could well survive having additional areas available for viable, well fertilised, agriculture.

    But its getting colder !!!


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