An Effective Strategy By The Climate Mafia

By switching from global warming to “climate change” they now blame every weather event on humans, and lack of action by politicians.

This provides a mechanism to blackmail politicians. Any weather event like Hurricane Sandy or a hot summer in Australia is now used to pummel local politicians, few of which have the knowledge or integrity to withstand the pressure.

That is why a knowledge of climate history is so important, and why I have devoted thousands of hours to studying it. Politicians need to be aware of and be able to cite specific weather events from the past, in order to counter the the endless claims of climate change and unprecedented weather.

The world is following the same path of ignorance as in the 16th century, when 30,000 people were burned at the stake for “cooking the weather.”

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  1. philjourdan says:

    Yea, the trick with the Capitol Building in August just did not reach enough people.

  2. Ragtag Media says:

    Now they outright encourage their minions to LYE!
    A new peer-reviewed paper published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, titled “Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements”, is openly providing a “rationale” for global warming proponents to engage in mendacious claims in order to further their cause.

    The paper appears to support or provide a formula for why lying or “information manipulation” is able to further the cause of man-made global warming and “enhance global welfare.” The authors use a mathematical formula to study information tactics.

    The authors, Assistant Professors of Economics Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, note how the media and environmental groups “exaggerate” global warming and then the offer their paper to “provide a rationale for this tendency” to exaggerate for the good of the cause.

    The paper was published on February 24, 2014.

  3. Mike D says:

    The most ridiculous aspect is the “solutions” are the same whether it is global warming or climate change, or just a day of the week ending in ‘y’. Tax energy sources, rich people, rich nations, everyone, and give money to certain other people.

  4. Organic Fool says:

    “Carbon credits will replace the US dollar as the currency of international trading by 2015, according to a forecast made by Archial Sustainable Futures”$-as-global-currency-25893-3-25894.html

  5. Whenever they talk about climate change, I ask them how they scientifically measure change? Is there some sort of volatility index I can watch?

  6. Jimbo says:

    As their house of cards made from the Hockey Schtick graph, faked ice core data, phony data reduction software and “hiding the decline” run up against the reality of NO WARMING in 18 years, they will become more and more irrational and unbalanced, making them dangerous if they can capture the attention of Low Information Voters….

  7. Psalmon says:

    The other effective strategy they’ve used is the climate Illuminati never show you their utopia, they only tear down the present.

    We don’t get to see the 1 million new wind turbines. That children won’t know what Eagles are when they get those up. The health effects of low frequency noise. Etc.

    It’s worked for Lenin, and Mao, and Minh, and Castro, and Chavez…

    We need to start a climate utopia list. Their world in today’s terms.

    Even absent of cost, their world is a dark (literally) place.

  8. Andy DC says:

    Yes, every time there is a weather event, we skeptics are put on the defensive, like it is our fault or whatever. But then you check the records and usually these tornadoes, floods, typhoons, etc. they cite end up being historically routine.

  9. tom0mason says:

    “Politicians need to be aware of and be able to cite specific weather events from the past, in order to counter the the endless claims of climate change and unprecedented weather.

    Steve what you do here is largely an education service, and in your own informal way offer the evidence from the past to illuminate the present. In doing so you highlight both the lack of rigor in science, and foolishness of some political action.

    You certainly show how climate study (and meteorology) has moved away from the in depth study of historic events, patterns, cycles that were prevalent in the days of H. H.Lamb.
    How apt the words from the preface of his book Climate, History and The Modern World are for today –

    We live in a world that is increasingly vulnerable to climatic shocks. …..
    … In the years since about 1960, moreover, the climate has behaved less obligingly than we had become used to earlier in the century. And there is alarm about how man’s activities might inadvertently upset the familiar climatic regime and therefore disrupt the food production which is geared to it. ….
    Serious anxieties have been aroused by respected scientists, acknowledged as experts in
    the field, warning of dire perils: that the next ice age may be now due to begin,…
    ……..or that the side-effects of man’s activities …….and for a few centuries produce a climate warm enough to melt the Greenland and Antarctic ice-caps, raising the sea level and drowning most of the world’s great cities.
    This book examines what we know about climate, and its impact on human affairs now and in the historical and prehistoric past, and how we may better understand the problem of climatic fluctuations and changes. Climatic forecasting in the strict sense may be far off, though premature claims are made from many sides. ….
    …..Many parts of the world have experienced more extremes of weather of various kinds in the last fifteen to twenty-five years than for a long time past and have suffered losses, which have affected political decisions and managerial decisions in industry and land-use. Energy problems are also involved.
    …….The writer hopes that this book may serve as a guide to the present state of knowledge and the potential capacity of science in these matters, and also that it may provide some helpful insights now to those on whom the burden of weighty decisions falls — affecting practical matters in agriculture and industry, government and international trade, not to mention human health and happiness.

    September 1981

  10. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism.

  11. Justa Joe says:

    “… In the years since about 1960, moreover, the climate has behaved less obligingly than we had become used to earlier in the century. ” H. H. Lamb

    I’m no climate scientist, but that statement sounds nuts.

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