Surfs Up In Michigan

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  1. Psalmon says:

    Great Lakes Ice has finally returned to levels forecast by NOAA, still above normal:

    Still above the max extent of 25 years in the last 40, in early April. The global warming canary singing loudly.

  2. northernont says:

    Just took pics of the northern shore of Lake Superior today. Gitche Gumee frozen for as far as my camera could see. Highway has walls of snow each side higher then car. As Whoopie would say, that is not real ice-ice and snow-snow.

    • Gail Combs says:

      the high yesterday was 71 °F and right now it is 59 °F, everything is blooming and the darn abrussi rye in my pastures just grew about two feet this week so I had to mow it.

  3. Organic Fool says:

    “U.S. Steel has temporarily halted steelmaking at its massive northwestern Indiana mill because the ice-covered Great Lakes have cut off the mill’s access to vital iron ore.”

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