Meltdown Continues : Antarctic And Great Lakes Ice At Record Highs

Antarctic sea ice is up 78% since 1980, and Great Lakes ice is up 3000% since the ice age scare in 1973. Experts say the cryosphere is melting down, because they are paid to lie.

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15 Responses to Meltdown Continues : Antarctic And Great Lakes Ice At Record Highs

  1. gator69 says:

    You get what you pay for.

  2. Andy DC says:

    “Adjustments” are also at record highs.

  3. Sundance says:

    Is there a list that depicts which, if any, of the calamity change priests successfully predicted a 13% increase in multi-year Arctic ice in 2014? How does that list compare to the list of calamity change priests that are running around claiming that it’s worse than they thought? 😉

    • Gail Combs says:

      Tree thermometers and commodities: Historic climate indicators
      L.M. Libby, L.J. Pandolfi

      Libby and Pandolfi in the 1979 St Petersburg Times had an Article “Prediction: Warming Trend until 2000, then Very Cold”

      A more detailed prediction of the current cooling was made by two researchers in the United States later in the same decade. Using tree-ring data from redwoods in King’s Canyon in California, Leona Libby and Louis Pandolfi forecast in 1970 that “by running this function into the future we have made a prediction of the climate to be expected in King’s Canyon; the prediction is that the climate will continue to deteriorate on Average, but after our present cooling-off of more than average decay in climate, there will be a temporary warming up followed by a greater rate of cooling-off.”

      Leona Libby elaborated on these research finding when she was interviewed for an article published in the St Petersburg Times

      The forecast is for continued cool weather all over the earth through the mid-1980s, with a global warming trend setting in thereafter for the rest of the century __ followed by a severe cold snap that might well last through the first half of the 21st century.

      BOOK: Twilight of Abundance David Archibald’s new book

      The MET office should be hiring her.

  4. Tom Bakert says:

    Why Great Lakes Ice will Vanish in 2014:

    For the record– I do not think that any lake ice will survive this summer in the United States. An event unprecedented in human history is today, this very moment transpiring in the Great Lakes.

    The cracks in the lake ice that I reported in my Sierra blog and elsewhere have spread. Worse news is that at this very moment the entire ice sheet (or about 99 percent of it) covering the Great Lakes is on the move (downstream) and the thin weakened ice sheet has literally begun to tear apart.

    This is abrupt climate change in real time!

    • The abrupt loss of your mind was induced I assume by globaloneywarming, spiked with Kook Aid and palm-reading lessons.

      • Tom Bakert says:

        Tell me you didn’t get the parody. How often do you read this blog? As Steve Goddard would say, “Piss off.”

    • Jason Calley says:

      That thin, rotten ice is the only thing keeping a lid on all the Hiroshimas of heat hiding in the depths of Lake Superior. Once that ice goes, BLAMO! We will see a geyser of steam that will make a Yellowstone eruption look like a child’s pop-gun in comparison.

      Our only hope? Well, there is none. Think of the children… It is too late, but think of them anyway.

      • tom0mason says:

        Our only hope? Well, there is none… except more tax!

      • Well, one big earthquack (which can hide nearly anywhere) is equivalent to a million hiroshimas. El Lago Superiör could hold at least 1.5 earthquacks, if my volume:duck-noise maths are good, so I’m sure that energy is in there. Better make sure the ice stays year round, I think.

    • Don says:

      He He!

    • B.C. says:

      Tom, all of the cities along the shores of the Great Lakes should be strong>IMMEDIATELY evacuated, before all of that floating ice melts and causes a flood of Biblical proportions! Preznit Obongo must act and NOW! It may already be too late, now that we’ve passed Teh Tipping Point™!

      (Do I really need the /sarc tag?)

  5. Psalmon says:

    Global warming lunatics are obsessed with the use of antiquated technology, which is why they so often refer to predicted benchmark catastrophes like ice declines as “canaries in the mine” of climate science. This canary has frozen also.

  6. Don says:

    Antarctic sea ice increase is interesting Steve, but it is hard to find the truth regarding Antarctic ice shelf ice. There is so much BS about that one. Is there a correlation to greater sea ice with lessening ice sheets? Or is the ICESat data the correct one and the Antarctic ice sheets are in fact growing? So much deceit form the climate terrorists on that very point.

    If ICESat data is correct, combined with the substantial sea ice increase, the ‘experts’ may be missing the truth. That could be a cold slap in their faces.

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