Tough Love

Climate pharisees say that adults who don’t believe in their religion should be jailed, but non-believing schoolchildren should actually be executed by their schoolteachers

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25 Responses to Tough Love

  1. omanuel says:

    The scam and all its promoters are going down, despite all the political power behind them.

    This is dangerous for society if the power-hungry shysters respond as cornered animals.

    Thank you, Steven, for your courage in facing them down.

      • gator69 says:

        Looks like you picked the wrong thread. W was referring to an actual threat.

        • Robertv says:

          It’s orchestrated by the same gang.

        • Robertv says:

          The face doesn’t change the goal.

        • gator69 says:

          I will repeat, W referenced a real threat, and not some boogeyman. Real threats require real actions. No comparison to the current claims.

        • Robertv says:

          They are both state funded and they are both designed to take away your freedom or what is left of it. For me it is the same stuff.

        • gator69 says:

          The war on terrorism has not threatened me more than our ‘enemy’, which is real.

          The war on climate change threatens me, threatens you and everyone you know for nothing. There is no enemy. It is purely a self inflicted wound and nothing else. We are not stopping a threat, WE ARE THE THREAT.

          Learn the difference.

        • Robertv says:

          The only terrorism is State terrorism that brought you the Patriot Act. That Act is the biggest threat for your freedom it made the US a police state. The Box Cutter story is the same fraud as the Man Made Climate Change story.

        • Robertv says:

          And made by the same people.

        • gator69 says:

          Mohammad did not invent CAGW.

        • philjourdan says:

          But he did invent the moveable mountain.

        • daveburton says:

          Thank you, gator69.

          CO2 hasn’t hijacked any planes or blown up any skyscrapers, and President Bush (dear God, how I miss him!) isn’t one of the & wingnuts who fail to understand that fact. You won’t find President Bush or any of his close associates listed here…

          …and doesn’t even appear to have a U.S. presence at all.

          President Bush used to fret some about GHG emissions, but, unlike the & nutters, he is capable of learning:

          The & crazies all hate President Bush. So which side is Robertv on?

        • philjourdan says:

          Eh, Bush was no great shakes. But in comparison, he is a superstar!

        • Gail Combs says:

          Robertv, I have to agree with you.

          gator69, Read: Parts 1 through 5 of THE FUTURE IS CALLING (four page downs then click for pdf)

          Then read my look at current events:

          These scumbags have no problem setting up wars as long as they can profit from it.

        • gator69 says:

          Respectfully Gail, there is no comparison of CAGW and 9/11. Bush did not fly the planes into the world trade center, and war is a human condition like hate and poverty. Of course people profit from wars, there are always winners and losers. Tying all of this together is like blaming man made CO2 for global warming, correlation does not equal causation.

          Careful, you may come off as a truther.

        • Gail Combs says:


          The point is BOTH are used to remove our Constitutional rights and edge the USA closer to being a vassal state of the United Nations.

          Since 9/11 we lost The Law of Posse Comitatus We have the militarization of our police force whose members now looks at ordinary citizens as “The Enemy”

          Even worse the US now has an agreement that the Canadian Military can come into this country in cases of ‘Emergency’ This includes civil unrest.

          This is the sequence of events:
          1. Regan allowed the raping of our well run mid size corporations that had no debt. Before the ‘Leveraged Buyout” feeding frenzy the foreign ownership of U.S. assets (1990) amounted to 33% of U.S. GDP. By 2002 this had increased to over 70% of U.S. GDP. We lost our mid size corporations that were the backbone of this country.

          2. Clinton talked Congress into signing the WTO (originated under Bush Sr.) that has shipped millions of jobs to China and India and makes sure US workers are now competing in a “Global Market’ for labor. – No wonder unemployment is 24% and rising.
          Clinton also signed the five banking laws that resulted in the foreclosure crisis and the unregulated AIG ‘Insurance’ on the loans.

          Senior investors, who are typically financial institutions, own the AAA tranches that are insured against default by AIG, and they WANT to foreclose on the Middle Class so that insurance payments kick in. Conversely, the junior tranche investors want workouts with homeowners because their investment is not insured.
          “To ensure that the mortgage servicer pushes default instead of workout, the servicer is paid double (50 basis points versus 25 basis points) by the MBS to service a loan in default. Why do you think your servicer tells you that you must be in default before it will consider a mortgage modification, a practice known as invited default?
          “Simply put,” says Parker, “the government bailout of AIG has actually encouraged foreclosures because the taxpayers continue to fill AIG’s coffers with enough cash to pay out insurance on defaulted home loans.”

          3. Bush Jr. gave us the Patriot Act and made sure the US can now use military troops AND foreign troops against US citizens as I mentioned above.

          4. Obama with the idiotic CAGW and his war on coal is making sure unemployment continues to rise while the prices of everything sky rocket. At the end of 2008 the Money supply total (BOGUMBNS /money base) was $831 billion. In 2009 it DOUBLED to $1663 billion in 2013 it DOUBLED AGAIN to $3115.564 (The fed is now ‘discontinuing’ this statistic.)

          Another interpretation of the same mess:
          “…Consumer Price Index Has Been Reconfigured Since Early-1980s
          So As to Understate Inflation versus Common Experience…”

        • gator69 says:

          Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, and Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln…

          Bush did not fly airplanes into the heart of our economy. Be vigilant, but not overly.

        • Gail Combs says:

          Steve, I had four live links and got booted again. Sorry.

        • daveburton says:

          Robertv wrote, “The only terrorism is State terrorism that brought you the Patriot Act… the US [is] a police state. The Box Cutter story is… fraud…”

          Oh dear, Please stop watching Alex Jones. He’s like a brain tumor. It’s destroying your mind,

  2. “Give me liberty or give me death” 1010ers choose to give you death, I guess. Not Orwellian in the least.

  3. daveburton says:

    It’s a question of intent. The little tykes are intending to unrepentantly exhale CO2 for a lot longer than adults are.

    Just as someone who intends a worse crime may be convicted of a “first degree” felony, rather than a “second degree” felony, their intent warrants harsher punishment, They may look all cute and innocent, but every one of them hopes to produce carbon pollution continuously for the next sixty to eighty years! They are menaces to the planet.

  4. Rob Ryan says:

    Really? Again?

  5. philjourdan says:

    Coming to an execution squad near you soon. Big brother blows up your children.

  6. omanuel says:

    We know only a little of the deception in government science since 1945, but Chapter 3 of my biography will at least outline misinformation in astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, geology, meteoritics, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar and theoretical physics.

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