IPCC Links Hurricanes To Temperature

According to NASA, the 1880’s was the coldest decade on record in the US.

Fig.D (5)

During that decade, the US was hit by 25 hurricanes, including 5 major hurricanes – one of which wiped Indianola, Texas off the map.

One could conclude that experts who link hurricanes to warming are :

  1. Incompetent
  2. Criminal
  3. All of the above

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15 Responses to IPCC Links Hurricanes To Temperature

  1. Andy Oz says:

    New York Times says we are all DOOMED!
    Also details White House strategy since Congress will not pass a carbon tax during Obama’s occupency. I’m off for a drive in my SUV, then having a BBQ burning some fossil fuels.

    • Dave N says:

      ..because of course when someone “declares” something, you must take heed. Like “the sky is falling”, for example.

    • BruceC says:

      Congress will not pass a carbon tax during Obama’s occupancy

      Now where have I heard that before? Oh, that’s right……

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Alarmists are such snake oil salesmen. The sheeple are not listening. 😀

    US Secretary of State John Kerry said the document sounded an alarm that could not be ignored.
    “Unless we act dramatically and quickly, science tells us our climate and our way of life are literally in jeopardy,” he said. “Denial of the science is malpractice. “There are those who say we can’t afford to act. But waiting is truly unaffordable. The costs of inaction are catastrophic,” he added.

    • Billy Liar says:

      Not only did Kerry marry into the Heinz family, he seems also to have inherited the intellectual capacity of a tin of beans.

      • Gail Combs says:

        OH, god that makes him a relative … GAG BARF….
        (Well maybe…)

      • Jimbo says:

        Beans means hot air. Here is what John Kerry is up against. Lots of money and a powerful environmentalist within the family.

        24 October 2013
        Andre Heinz Is Shaking Up His Mom’s Foundation
        Andre Heinz is the son of Teresa Heinz Kerry and the late Sen. H. John Heinz, all of whom are connected to the well-known ketchup company. The Heinz family has done more than transform the world of condiments; it has also invested heavily in philanthropic initiatives, largely through the Heinz Endowments. Teresa Heinz is currently the chair, and Andre is a director on the board. Andre, however, is not one to follow the crowd, and he has had a large say in how the Heinz Endowments is run.

        Andre Heinz is an avid environmentalist who has also launched his own green projects. In 1993, he joined the Heinz Endowments and helped to create the environmental program within the organization…….

        There has been quite the change in leadership at the endowments due to disagreements over fracking and which fracking groups should be funded. Rumour has it Andre was unhappy over the funding of pro-fracking grants, and this led to friction with the organization. Going forward, Andre Heinz will continue to be an interesting one to watch, especially given his strong views on the future of energy.

    • ccglea says:

      if he truly believes this maybe he should give up one of his yachts or private planes,

  3. Chewer says:

    4. Mentally unstable and showing signs of neurosis.

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Shock news: Despite Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Haiyan, a melting iceberg, an arsonist’s bushfire and a normal heatwave, support for the Australian Watermelon Greens reaches low tide!! Sanity returns to Australia.

  5. Climatism says:

    Reblogged this on Climatism.

  6. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Strengths, 1851 to 2010.

    They are doubling down on all the false claims this week, as I just noticed again on the Weather Channel this morning.

  7. Andy DC says:

    4. Totally Insane.

  8. ccglea says:

    Dr. James Hansimian has a better record of predicting hurricanes than NOAA.


    I like the sophisticated equipment he uses for his predictions.

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