Making The 1940’s Warming Spike Disappear In Iceland

In 2009, the world’s top climate scientists were looking for ways to make the 1940’s warming spike disappear.

From: Tom Wigley <>
To: Phil Jones <>
Subject: 1940s
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
Cc: Ben Santer <>

It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.

In 1974, the CIA reported that Iceland used to be much warmer.

ScreenHunter_132 Feb. 18 07.38


ScreenHunter_138 Feb. 18 09.08

By a fantastic coincidence, the 1940’s spike in Iceland then magically disappeared. The animation below compares 2010 GISS to 2013 GISS.


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21 Responses to Making The 1940’s Warming Spike Disappear In Iceland

  1. slp says:


  2. omanuel says:

    What a sad, sad state of affairs for the field of climatology.

    Worse yet, they learned the “tricks of the trade” from the nuclear and solar scientists who used trickery in 1946 to hide the energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki by falsely claiming:

    1. Neutrons attract, rather than repel, other neutrons !

    2. Stars consume, rather than produce, hydrogen !

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive.”

    What a sad, sad state of affairs for all mankind that public science has been converted into a propaganda tool to deceive, rather than to benefit, us.

    • omanuel says:

      I should have mentioned neutron repulsion is an empirical fact, defined by rest mass data of 3,000 different types of atoms, not a theoretical model. Neutron repulsion causes neutron stars to emit neutrons or fission, rather than collapse into a black hole.

  3. Brad says:

    There is too much math involved in recreating the past. I mean, al-gore-ithms, physics, calculus, algebra 1 and algebra 2. How can you possibly understand it all and come to your silly conclusion. It’s just too complicated for you Steve. There are no absolutes in math. It changes form day to day. 🙂

  4. omanuel says:

    Despite sixty-eight successful years (2014 – 1946 = 68 yrs) of successful trickery disguised as “settled science,” the phony guardians of knowledge are today in full retreat, while trying to hide the historic record of their past deception of the public about the source of energy in cores of stars and heavy atoms.

    After Naturerefused in December 2012 to even review our short note answering a question published in Nature in 1977:

    “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012)

    I published Chapter 2 of my autobiography with pages of irrefutable evidence the Sun’s core is a pulsar:

    On 7 January 2014 Alexandra Witze [1] quoted astronomer, Emily Levesque, at the University of Colorado at Boulder and an astrophysicist, Philipp Podsiadlowskiat, at Oxford University as agreeing an unusual “star could host a neutron star”, and

    On 24 January 2014 Zeeya Merall [2] quoted cosmologist Stephen Hawking in saying, “There are no black holes.”

    1. Alexandra Witze, “Bizarre star could host a neutron star in its core,” Nature (07 January 2014)

    2. Zeeya Merali, “Stephen Hawking: ‘There are no black holes’,” Nature (24 January 2014)

  5. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Steven: Thank you for continuing to expose the blatant and unabashed fraud that government funded climatologists around the world have conspired to carry out. The pattern of fraudulent adjustments of temperature data sets worldwide is becoming clearer and more unequivocal each day.

    I look forward to the day when these criminals are convicted and sentenced for this fraud. I hope those who put them up to this are exposed, convicted, and sentenced as well.

  6. Eliza says:

    This is total blatant Fraud. The people responsible for this must be held to account in a Court of Law. Surely there is now enough evidence to press charges and start making arrests at NOAA?

    • Shazaam says:

      Won’t happen. Period.

      Because if someone, somewhere started enforcing the existing laws against lying, thieving, frauds in government, the Liar-in-Chief and his “czars” might be next.

      Thus, since the government minions follow the lead of the folks in charge, we can expect the rapid descent into a really two-tiered “justice” system to accelerate. Where government employees are above the law, and where the rest of the population is controlled using the “law” as a club. Time to plant banana trees on the whitehouse lawn.

      The economist, Murray Rothbard, said “government is a criminal gang on a massive scale” and I used to think that was overly sarcastic. I have changed my mind. Murray was just brutally honest about the crooks running the government…..

      • we can expect the rapid descent into a really two-tiered “justice” system to accelerate

        Auto drivers who, attempting to flee, ram police cars can be (& have been) charged with attempted murder. Oddly, such legal exactitude is never enforced against people not ramming police cars (I’ve been deliberately struck while riding perfectly legally on my bicycle, & the verdict by the police officers was, “So what?” Yeah, so I can try to find a lawyer & sue the driver in civil court & hope?).

        • Gail Combs says:

          Think of all the recent cases where the cops have shot and killed unarmed people including an 80 yr old man in his bed and a guard on duty in his car. NONE have charges brought against them.

          Number Of Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty Drops To 50-Year Low… from the mean-streets-‘meaner’-for-civilians dept

          The annual report from the nonprofit National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund also found that deaths in the line of duty generally fell by 8 percent …

          Forty-six officers were killed in traffic related accidents, and 33 were killed by firearms. The number of firearms deaths fell 33 percent in 2013 and was the lowest since 1887.

          …Back in 2007, the FBI put the number of justifiable homicides committed by officers in the line of duty at 391. That count only includes homicides that occurred during the commission of a felony. This total doesn’t include justifiable homicides committed by police officers against people not committing felonies and also doesn’t include homicides found to be not justifiable. But still, this severe undercount far outpaces the number of cops killed by civilians.//

          According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, 4,813 people have died while being arrested by police officers. 60% of those were homicides, a rate of ~400 per year.

          Look at Seattle. As Reason points out, 20% of its 2013 homicides were committed by police officers — 6 out of 29 total. A city with nearly 650,000 residents (and an infinite amount of chances to kill each other) only managed to outpace the city’s ~1,800 officers by a 5-to-1 ratio. One homicide per 300 officers versus one homicide per 22,000 residents.….

          Seems you more in danger of being kill by a cop than you are by a civilian… Wouldn’t the anti – gun lobby had that statistic!

          Cops Kill 8 Times More Americans Than Terrorists Do
          Many people have noticed that several of the local police officers, particularly the younger ones are more gruff, rude and even abusive as compared to the past. Many veteran officers attribute the shift towards DHS’ training of local police which focuses on teaching the police that the public is their enemy as opposed to the traditional view that teaches that the local population and the police are partners in keeping the community safe.

          Whatever happened to the friendly neighborhood cop who walked a beat, was well-known and respected by the local residents and was seen as the protector of the neighborhood? Far too often, that cop has been replaced by thugs wearing camouflage, bank robber type black ski masks who are armed with automatic weapons and sometimes even break down the doors of people who are innocent.

          A Long-Term Trend Towards the Militarization of the Local Police

          ….Unfortunately, the right to defend one’s own home may be disappearing. America has become SWAT team happy. America has seen a disturbing trend towards militarization of its local civilian law enforcement, along with a dramatic and very disturbing rise in the use of paramilitary police units being used for routine police work. The most common use of SWAT teams today is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home. However, anyone can be SWAT-teamed, even those who default on their student loans have been SWAT-teamed….

      • Gail Combs says:

        The other day I was talking to the daughter of the cop who was first on scene when Ted Kennedy killed the pregnant Mary Jo Kopechne. She said Kennedy was a guilty as sin but everyone was paid off to save his neck.

        So yes we already have a two tier system of laws. Heck if you haven’t donated to the democratic party in my county you can’t even get the &^%$ cops to LOOK at a open and shut robbery case! Ihave four such cases where I have eye witnesses and know who robbed me and I just get laugh at by the prosecuting attorney. GRRrrrrrr

  7. Vladislaw says:

    I remember hearing that particle pollution caused dimming and would lead to earth’s cooling. With different pollution controls particle pollution went down faster than many thought it would and the new threat wasn’t particle pollution leading to cooling but gases that would lead to warming.

    Do you know anything about the historical pan evaporation rates and what they have to do with climate change… couldn’t find anything on it.

  8. etudiant says:

    Surely there is a local temperature record in Reykjavik.
    Iceland is a land with a very strong tradition of record keeping and solid academics.
    What does their Weather Bureau show?

  9. Andy Oz says:

    The same as GISS 2010. Steven did multiple posts on Iceland’s weather bureau objecting to GISS tampering of their temperature record last year. This is why GISS data is completely compromised and useless other than as evidence of fraud.

  10. Chewer says:

    These neurotic cult members will have a hard time explaining away the coming cool down, that is for sure!
    These morons explain away the minor solar incoming changes between solar cycle minimums and maximums, as having nearly zero effect on planetary temperatures, but they’ve left out the most important aspects of our stars influences.
    The geo-effective output of our star can not be measured only in the distributed wavelengths, that are absorbed and reflected by the surface, but must include the individual solar components over the entire cycle and through multiple cycles.
    The magnitudes, durations and content of geo-effective events including proton, electron, magnetic field distortions, x-ray content, etc… and their energetic levels during impact and the depths of magnetospheric penetration are relevant and most important to our cyclical and ever-changing climate. The unknowns in the spheres that surround us are unknown, simply because they are unmeasured.
    Measuring incoming and outgoing watts per cubic meter with reference to each wavelength band is fine and dandy, but missing or dismissing the rest of the story, is not science!
    The unmeasured physical, chemical and electromagnetic interactions throughout each region held within our magnetosphere, should be a goal for anyone who seeks scientific truth!

  11. Andy DC says:

    They also erased the global cooling between 1940 and 1980.

  12. Brian H says:

    It’s the old “fox – henhouse” phenomenon. Those with the most motive to fudge the data are given access and custody.

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