Mikey Mann Hints That He Wants You To Report Skeptics To DHS

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THE overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that human-caused climate change is happening. Yet a fringe minority of our populace clings to an irrational rejection of well-established science. This virulent strain of anti-science infects the halls of Congress, the pages of leading newspapers and what we see on TV, leading to the appearance of a debate where none should exist.

Our Department of Homeland Security has urged citizens to report anything dangerous they witness: “If you see something, say something.” We scientists are citizens, too, and, in climate change, we see a clear and present danger. The public is beginning to see the danger, too — Midwestern farmers struggling with drought, more damaging wildfires out West, and withering record summer heat across the country — while wondering about possible linkages between rapid Arctic warming and strange weather patterns, like the recent outbreak of Arctic air across much of the United States.

If You See Something, Say Something – NYTimes.com

This past summer was one of the coolest on record in the US. There is no drought in the midwest, and only a complete imbecile would believe that cold is caused by heat.

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30 Responses to Mikey Mann Hints That He Wants You To Report Skeptics To DHS

  1. EW3 says:

    Mann is getting scarey.

    But no reason to go to DHS, I’m sure the NSA knows who all the sceptics are and they can provide the list to DHS.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Climate scientists see a clear and present danger. To their funding, that is.

  3. margaret berger says:

    Cornered animals are the scariest and most dangerous.

  4. lorne50 says:

    I tried to read the crap at the nytimes funny thing no comments . p.s got down 3 lines scrolled to bottom and left a little sick to my stomach but better now . ;>)

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    I would like to report to DHS a Dr Michael E. Mann as a suspected climate sceptic on the basis of the heretical paper Knight et al 2005. Dr Mann, a coauthor of the paper, identifies ocean cycles as natural and persistent over 1,400 years. Since this is a major component of the temperature change that sceptics cite as not being due to CO2, that means Dr Mann is a closet climate sceptic.

  6. phodges says:

    WTF I thought it was parody…but it really is in the NYT.

  7. Got as far as “fringe minority” and stopped.

  8. D. Self says:

    Mann is concerned about one thing….his grant money

  9. Tel says:

    We cool them over here, so we won’t have to heat them over there… or something.

  10. NikFromNYC says:

    “As in the case of other wars, so in that of the aesthetic wars which artists provoke with their works and their apologias for them the outcome is, unhappily, decided in the end by force and not by reason.”– Frederich Nietzsche (Human, All Too Human, 1878)

    “Somebody out of touch with real life would bore me, but somebody right in the midst of it knows and feels naturally. If I did not look for art in reality, I should probably find her stupid.” – Vincent van Gogh (letter to Theo van Gogh, 1883)

    “Bad cooks and the utter lack of reason in the kitchen have delayed human development longest and impaired it most.” – Nietzsche (Beyond Good and Evil, 1886)

    “You know, if I could only get really strong soup, it would do me good immediately: it’s preposterous, but I can never get what I ask for, even the simplest things, from these people here. And it’s the same everywhere in these little restaurants. But it is so hard to bake potatoes? Impossible. Then rice, or macaroni? None left, or else it is messed up in grease, or else they aren’t cooking it today, and they’ll explain that it’s tomorrow’s dish, there’s no room on the stove, and so on. It’s absurd, but that is the real reason why my health is low.” – Vincent van Gogh (letter to Theo van Gogh, 1888)

    “The necessity of conceiving of nature as an objective reality is said to be superannuated prejudice while the quantum theoreticians are vaunted. Men are even more susceptible to suggestion than horses, and each period is dominated by a mood, with the result that most men fail to see the tyrant who rules over them.” – Albert Einstein (In Letters to Solovine)

    “We are subjected to the production of truth through power and we cannot exercise power except through the production of truth.” – Michel Foucault

  11. Larry Fields says:

    Whadayaknow? Environmental McCarthyism!

  12. John Greenfraud says:

    The tone gets ever more shrill, the claims get ever more outrageous, as time moves on, certainty meets an inevitable reality. Public humiliation and criminal culpability loom large. Chicken Little has come home to roost on Mikey’s face.

  13. Eric Simpson says:

    We scientists are citizens, too, and, in climate change, we see a clear and present danger. The public is beginning to see the danger, too

    Um, the public either thinks your global warming climate change hooey is bullsnot, or they think it’s not important, that there will certainly be no catastrophe, if anything at all. What much of the public does see, however, is the clear and present danger presented by the wacked out climate scientists and leftist politicos that want a communist takeover of the United States. No joke. What is the real danger here, Michael Mann??


  14. Justa Joe says:

    In saner times people would have noticed that Mikey is clearly off his rocker.

  15. Martin C says:

    I suggest that anyone who reads that piece of garbage editorial write to Penn State and tell them that Mikey Mann is a JOKE to their University for this incredible alarmism, and should be removed . . .
    . .nah, since they ‘cleared’ him on the climategate whitewash, they obviously don’t give ‘BLEEP’ . . ! ! !

    It get’s more incredible every day. I don’t think these clowns realize how DEEP the hole they are digging as become.

  16. Martin, he brings in government money. As long as Don Obama is head of the crime family, anyway. I can’t wait to watch them all get fired and see Piltdown Mann on the black list when Donald Trump becomes our next president in 2016.

  17. Gail Combs says:

    “. I can’t wait to watch them all get fired “

    Doesn’t matter who you vote for you will still end up with a bloody politician!

    U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked? by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan

    “He who casts a vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.” ~ Joseph Stalin
    ….There have been recent reports that, because of costs, exit polls in the 2012 presidential election will no longer be conducted on the usual comprehensive basis in order to save money. If the reports are correct, no check remains on election theft….

    With the advent of modern technology, Collier writes that “a brave new world of election rigging emerged.” The brave new world of election theft was created by “the mass adoption of computerized voting technology and the outsourcing of our elections to a handful of corporations that operate in the shadows, with little oversight or accountability. This privatization of our elections has occurred without public knowledge or consent, leading to one of the most dangerous and least understood crisis in the history of American democracy. We have actually lost the ability to verify election results.”

    This is one of the other big dangers in the USA today. Rigged elections.

  18. omanuel says:

    Modern science has failed to recognize the common truths from science and spirituality. That may be the new frontier that will bring the most benefit to all mankind.

    E.g., Dr. Nicola Scafetta has an excellent new paper on “The complex planetary synchronization structure of the solar system.”


  19. gator69 says:

    Time for the next ‘Inquisition’. Eh Mikey?

  20. methylamine says:

    I’m getting that exhilarated feeling when you’re surfing and you’re at JUST the right point, on JUST the right wave as it starts propelling you forward…and you know it’s going to be a great ride.

    (making a broad generalization) We at sites like Steven’s are the 3%. Apparently we’ve been doing our job–because each of us has to convince just two other people to reach the magical tipping point number–10%

    People may not yet understand the full picture…but the Awakening is coming on like that wave. I can feel the shift.

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