1972 : CRU Chief Said That Earth Would Definitely Cool Over The Next Two Centuries

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15 Responses to 1972 : CRU Chief Said That Earth Would Definitely Cool Over The Next Two Centuries

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Dear Steven,
    why do you go on counterfeiting the sacred words of Top Climate Experts who are mistaken for Delinquent Teenagers after your smear campaigns?
    Ask William Connolley : he’ll tell you how you can see the light despite all the lies that are written in those old newspapers. And his magical insights will work even better for you if you have access to Wikipedia.

  2. The cooling is obviously a result of the warming – as the eco-tards now maintain. Expanding Arctic ice means it is really melting and that the ice is ‘bad quality’ and ‘thin’. Globaloneywhatever is a cult of faith not science. Reality is definitely optional for these ‘settled science’ morons.

  3. John Greenfraud says:

    Steve, you are defiantly going to have trouble with the Ministry-of -Truth on this one. The new ‘truth’ is that climate scientists never claimed a new ice age was coming. I know it’s hard, but try to keep up, looking at reams of documents from past events is useless, just like the temperature records. The new’truth’ is issued by the government, perhaps you could get on their mailing list?

  4. gator69 says:

    Radiation from the Sun? Must be a typo, I’m sure he said CO2. Better send this article up to Winston Smith.

  5. Ben Vorlich says:

    Steve there are still over 150 years to go, so he’s not wrong yet. Given a choice between this prediction or Micheal Mann’s hockey stick being the more likely I’d go with Hubert lamb.

  6. darrylb says:

    Steve, I thought you might have a line on the Denver Bronco’s.
    Who needs a coach, you have a coach and quarterback who are one and the same!
    I would consider him to possibly be the best ever,–and that at his age and after his injury.
    Nobody sees the whole field any better.

    And as for scientists never claiming the next ice age is coming in the 70’s!!??
    Is someone really saying that?? I actually presented to my classes (in my younger foolish days) articles on the subject from Science magazines.
    My favorite is still from our current science czar, written jointly in a book with Erlich. (I maintain that they are closet Eugenicists).——The current global cooling is so bad that a giant chunk of ice could fall from the Antarctic Ice sheet causing a tsunami so large that it cause cataclysmic damage to property and life’ (I paraphrased from memory)

  7. darrylb says:

    BTW, that same science czar actually came out with the statement that the Polar vortex is a product of climate change. If a current blogger wants to debate the foolishness of the non-science behind that I will be ready. It neither proves or disproves anything. None of the mainstream scientists were foolish enough to bite on that meme, but Holdren is embarrassingly lacking in his scientific knowledge of some of the areas of which he speaks.
    The sad part is he is giving advice to the executive branch of the U.S.!

  8. Bob Greene says:

    I predict we are on the downhill slide to the next ice age, probably in the next 10k years. I’ll issue updates at 200 year intervals.

  9. I wish more people would read Hubert Lamb’s books. I read them years ago not long after each was published.

    It’s clear to me that he changed his position as soon as he set up the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Until that point, Lamb believed, based on decades of research that climate varied because of natural cycles. Then he adopted the view that humans had become drivers of climate change.

    I admired Lamb a lot and would not say that he changed his beliefs to get support for the CRU. I prefer to think that he associated with people who influenced him. He gave in to peer pressure.

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