Venus Is A Perfect Example Of The Hansen/Sagan Stupidity Effect

Venus is a perfect example of the greenhouse effect. Sunlight passes through the clouds in the form of radiation. The sunlight is absorbed by the surface causing it to heat. The cloud layer, which is opaque, traps the heat causing the greenhouse effect. Because of the heavy cloud layer, only about 2% of the sunlight reaches the surface of Venus. Imagine what it would be like if 100% of the light reached the surface.


A place which receives almost no light and is very hot, is obviously not being heated by the greenhouse effect. Venusian nights last for months, there is no incoming SW radiation, yet the temperature never cools down at all. Only a complete moron would blame the heat on Venus on “the greenhouse effect.”

Enter Sagan and Hansen.

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14 Responses to Venus Is A Perfect Example Of The Hansen/Sagan Stupidity Effect

  1. They should change the name from “Greenhouse Effect” to “Firetruck Effect.”

    Firetrucks are red. Greenhouses are clear glass.
    Firetrucks whine loudly. Greenhouses just sit there & whistle in the wind.
    Firetrucks are constantly being ridden by burly men with mustaches. Greenhouses are full of pot smokers & people who like okra.
    Firetrucks thrash around, spurting fluids, & generally giving little kids boners. Greenhouses can’t even keep ice-cream cold.

    Time to change the name to something better.

    • Robertv says:

      Nobody I know has constructed a greenhouse to trap unstable weather conditions. A good greenhouse needs a constant co2 input because of the high co2 consumption inside a greenhouse. If not you would starve your plants to death.

  2. Stu L says:

    I think Thermos flask effect is closer

  3. “Sunlight passes through the clouds in the form of radiation.”

    That explains it. I hate when sunlight travels in the form of radiation. It’s much better when it’s just light.

  4. Ira says:

    Light passes through the opaque clouds… Good Lord.
    I almost think that, by their logic, Venus should have turned to vapor and disappeared by now.

  5. Phil Jones says:

    Great point… it boils on the dark side when there is no sunlight for months….

    These guys are Alarmist tools…

  6. crosspatch says:

    Adiabatic warming. Venus’ atmosphere is much, much deeper than ours is. At the point in Venus’ atmosphere where the pressure equals Earth’s surface pressure, the temperature is within 5C of Earth. Surface pressure of Venus is 90 Bar.

    • squid2112 says:

      If you calculate, and taking account for distance to the sun, at Venusian altitude of 1 bar pressure, the temperature is almost exactly that of Earth surface. Again, calculate at any same pressure and you will find exactly the same temperatures for both atmospheres. Funny that … explain to me again this hypothesis called “the green house effect” …

    • squid2112 says:

      Oh, and the atmospheric pressure of Venus at the surface is right about 99 Bar … almost 100 x’s the pressure at Earth’s surface.

  7. Olaf Koenders says:

    In Sagan’s early years as a “learned” prof, he actually postulated life could exist on the surface of Venus, showing the whole time in his graphic that there was a very thick atmosphere. As a child I looked up to him, but now I’m glad he’s gone because he’d be up Hansen’s ar$e.

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