Global Sea Ice Area Closing In On Record High

Global sea ice area is second highest on record for the date after 1988, and closing in the #1 spot. Antarctic ice is melting very slowly this summer, due to record cold Antarctic temperatures.

ScreenHunter_509 Dec. 21 08.28

ScreenHunter_510 Dec. 21 08.33

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12 Responses to Global Sea Ice Area Closing In On Record High

  1. Phil Jones says:

    According to your graph … global sea ice has gone down since October… From 22.5 to 19.5 million km 2…

    How is that possible? Where is any ice melting right now….

    • Eric Simpson says:

      It is summer down there.
      Antarctica also has a lot more ice than the Arctic to melt, so that could explain overall declining levels of sea ice even as we approach a record low for any particular date. But ask Steven.

    • darrylb says:

      Check out cryosphere (frozen world) today.
      It has a complete history and current readings of arctic, antarctic and total sum of sea ice.
      Steve uses it sometimes.

  2. Rosco says:

    “Antarctic ice is melting very slowly this summer, due to record cold Antarctic temperatures.”

    That can’t be right – I thought expert climate scientists claim cold air melts ice, warm water hides at the bottom of the ocean and the Sun can’t possibly heat the Earth to more than minus 18 C ? (Forget about that pesky lunar surface which gets so hot water would boil.)

    Someone has gotten their wires crossed somewhere ?

    • johnmarshall says:

      Actually that energy transfer graphic in AR4 gives a surface energy of 167W/m2 which is an equilibrium temperature of -49C so the water cycle would definitely NOT work.
      Reality has just under 1000W/m2 at the zenith position of the rotating planet which gives an equilibrium temperature of +88C. One wonders where K&T got the idea that the planet gets 24hour sunshine and does not rotate. Probably to confuse the gullible politicians into belief in the AGW/GHG theories.

  3. Andy Oz says:

    I’m putting a champagne on ice. 😀
    Looks like a very Happy New Year!

  4. Pathway says:

    That very cold anomaly @ 120 east X 70 south look like the exact spot that Death Train Hanson showed as location of a hot spot because of AGW.

  5. norilsk says:

    The ice man commeth! Wow, nearly a million sq km of global sea ice above average.

  6. Terrell says:

    It. History: The Lwchen came from Europe from about 1610.
    s : This iss the scent your pupp will leave behind.

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