Overheated Arctic Air Forecast To Deep Freeze The US


10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Global warming caused the very cool US summer, and the very cold US winter. It makes everything more extreme.

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28 Responses to Overheated Arctic Air Forecast To Deep Freeze The US

  1. The Iconoclast says:

    It’s incredibly versatile, global warming, like a ShamWow for climate. Hot, cold, wet, dry, windy or calm… hurricanes or no hurricanes… whatever happens ’tis the cause.

  2. Steve Keohane says:

    Second blast this season. Looks to engulf the Rockies and spread west, unlike the last incursion.

  3. Andy DC says:

    Looks like most of the US is going to average well below normal for November. Lots more Arctic air in the pipeline for December as well.

  4. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    I have a warehouse full of long underwear for sale . . . just email me your size, a valid credit card number and I’ll guarantee fast shipping.



    Act now!

  5. Organic Fool says:

    350.org might eat your heart. Syrian rebels? Standing in the cold November rain dreaming of global cooling and less CO2. The religion is powerful and perhaps dangerous. Apparently they want Ukrainians to freeze this winter?

    “Though I know for sure that if someone imprisoned anyone from my organisation because of a peaceful action – as it happened with the Arctic 30 and Russian government, I would tear out their heart and eat it. Civic society culture is growing in my own eyes in Ukraine today. I am here for the people who share their dreams and stand for them until the end. The press-release below summarises what young Ukrainian environmentalists dream about as they stand in the cold November rain.”

    • Greenpeace boarded a vessel illegally….in reality it was a hijack, but whatever anyone thinks it was, it was not peaceful and that kind of action will drive away support.
      It also exposes Greenpeace for what it really is…….an organization willing to commit criminal acts.

      • Realist says:

        “Greenpeace boarded a vessel illegally..”

        This an impossibility! Libtards like Greenfeces know that mere laws, social codes of conduct and morality simply do not apply to them, being “saviours” of the planet and all.

        Fanatical self-appointed “saviours” are nothing but the idiot shock troops of the professional Libtards.

        • alan says:

          It’s never been about “saving the planet” and it’s not about clean air or water, it IS about controlling you. Control of how you live your life, what food you are allowed to eat and how much, the # kids you can have, the house you can live in, how warm or cool it can be, how/when/where you are allowed to travel and the job that you are assigned. I heard ALL these same arguments before with the same kind of energy restrictions and my limits of my personal freedoms back when the eco nuts were saying it was man made global cooling back in the 70’s that was causing a new Ice Age to start. They will manufacture ANY crises to push their agenda. “We can run your life better than you so shut-up and do and we say not as we do”.

  6. Phil Jones says:

    Over and over again I asked Alarmists about the Sun and limits to CO2’s ability to continue to block reflected heat in a linear fashion… Each and every time I was labeled and called names, nobody bothered to address the point…

    Just think… Many are out there claiming another record hot year… Huge storm activity plus loss of Ice at BOTH poles… The exact opposite happened and these folks won’t consider nor deviate from their CO2 Horse Blinders …

  7. Andy Oz says:

    Clear evidence of Catastrophic Anthropological Global Warming.
    There will be NO SNOW at Christmas time in Australia this year!!!
    We are expecting 90 deg F and CO2 is to blame no doubt.
    Aussie kids promised a white Christmas are devastated.

  8. OwlBore says:

    How strange! I turned the stove burner on low, put an egg in a frying pan to fry it, but it froze! I turned the heat off, and the egg came out over easy! This global warming disaster is affecting everything I do! I’m going to stop breathing for at least an hour every day to do my part in eliminating evil air pollutants like CO2 from the atmosphere. Thank you Al Gore for showing us the way. Everything that should be up, is down! Everything that should be down, is up! Who needs Einstein?

  9. Lance says:

    NOAA will classify this as a very mild year on their extreme scale…

  10. Paul Verlaine says:

    What’s even funnier is believing that the bipeds on Mother Earth have more power than She does. Clean air is a good thing, clean fuel is a good thing, clean water and clean earth is a good thing but it does NOT get better with greedy socialist politicians. It only gets better with decent people who respect their environment.

  11. Eliza says:

    Here in South America because Antarctica is so large now cooler air reaches further north causing heavier precipitation ect. Its the cooler air meeting normal warm temp air that causes this. Its the difference in temps between both air masses ect. Bet that NH ice will go above anomaly soon and stay there…

  12. Peter says:

    The lake I live on just froze over. In 19 years this is the earliest yet.
    Since CO2 levels recently approached 400 ppm, above the tipping point of 350
    ppm, how could this be?

    The answer is defective carbon in CO2 which no longer traps heat. If this
    cooling keeps up we could freeze. What other effects will faulty carbon
    cause, since absorption of CO2 through photosynthesis is the basis of life
    on earth. Will unsound wood in our buildings cause them to collapse?

    What if we eat food with flawed carbon? There are three isotopes of carbon;
    perhaps there is too much carbon 14, which is known to rot. Humans contain
    lots of CO2 which we emit with every breath, and generate a lot of heat
    internally. If our bad CO2 is unable to contain that heat, might we explode?

    This could be a clue to the source of the bad carbon. The place where faulty
    people have a tendency to explode is the Middle East. We need to stop
    importing their deficient carbon right away.

  13. hsaive says:

    Covert weather modification devices are trumped by geologic, solar, and galactic forces

  14. George Masters says:

    It’s Bush fault —- whatever!

  15. William Haas says:

    So global warming must have been responsible for the ice ages. The new hot is really cold. Up is down and down is up. This is the new logic.

  16. caohaoim says:

    I have to ask, what HS in WI?

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