Masters’ Big Lie Goes On

Typhoon Haiyan tore through the Philippines at record wind speeds before losing power and heading northwest.

Mapping the Destruction of Typhoon Haiyan – Map –

The picture below clearly shows that the bulk of the damage was from the storm surge, not the wind. Those trees would have snapped in 195 MPH winds.

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It is wrong to mutilate or suppress the record of an observation of a phenomenon of nature, but it is also wrong to make a bad use of the record. In fact, it is the misuse of meteorological data, not the observing or publishing, that constitutes a crime against the community. Observation and careful research are to be encouraged as useful. Misrepresentations are to be avoided as harmful. The “Independent Press “as the” Voice of the People “should be not only “Vox Populi” but ” Vox Dei “, repressing all cheats and hoaxes, defending the truth and the best interests of the whole nation as against the self-interest of a few.

Is not honesty the best policy?

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19 Responses to Masters’ Big Lie Goes On

  1. It is sad and very depressing. These are poor families, and they lost everything. Houses, family members and most are still missing. They can’t even get medical attention because the hospitals there were all full. They can only get first aid but even then, they lack supplies and really understaffed. They badly need prayers, and food, clothes, medicine and baby formulas. Too much suffering.

    • The U.S. has an aircraft carrier on the way, or already there, which will provide medical facilities, as they have done before.

    • Ernest Bush says:

      There are larger tragedies in the world right now. We are having this one shoved in our face every day by the MSM, who have a political agenda revolving around the false premise of CAGW. It is even being used as an excuse for U.N. based totalitarian rule through the false agenda of extreme climate change.

      Food, water and other necessities are getting delivered by air and a national road structure. The numbers affected are low enough to restore order and services within months. The displacement and damage are on the order of Katrina. Look how long it took to get things back to a decent standard, even.

      The real damage is caused by allowing wooden structures to be built close to the ocean. The best thing that can be done here is making cheap concrete and brick construction available. At least it would give families and businesses something to start rebuilding from and cut down on the horrendous debris problem from the tidal surge that always happens.

      BTW, according to the Philippines government the death toll stands at 1,774. The president is saying it will not go above 2,500. Not exactly the 10,000 being hyped in the MSM worldwide. That is a worse exaggeration than trying to make a Cat 4 storm into a Cat 5 with record setting winds in a decade where super typhoons are getting scarcer..

      Also, its the tropics. The landscape is self-repairing. Take heart. These people are hardy and resourceful, like most humans. They will endure and find joy in relationships again. There is prosperity in that.

      • Take heart. These people are hardy and resourceful, like most humans. They will endure and find joy in relationships again. There is prosperity in that.-they truly are.

      • Whatever agenda they want to push I don’t buy into it. I see a calamity and people suffering, and if I can’t help physically or monetary, I can always just pray and encourage others to do the same. It is not a contest of who has the biggest tragedy in the world. People suffer, people help. They can paint a political color or selfish agenda, that is their game let them be accountable for it.
        In terms of housing materials, people from this area are not moneyed. That’s just what their money can afford to buy and build. If you have a family from the Philippines, you will understand what I am talking about.
        I believe the death toll stands at more than just 2500. The typhoon wiped out the entire province, my friend lost his entire family.

        I don’t care about the politics of global warming and trolls. I care about people suffering and needing help. I am not here to analyze who’s scaring who. 🙂 Have a good day Ernest.

      • Mike D says:

        Aquino didn’t say it won’t go above 2,500, just that they were thinking closer to that right now and that the 10,000 had an emotional component in the reporting. That was an estimate from one guy in Tacloban, so not an estimate of overall deaths.

        But Aquino is trying to downplay the numbers, because he started pointing figures at others for poor planning, and caught criticism for that. Given they hadn’t yet made contact with 29 municipalities that were hit pretty badly when he said that, I think he’ll be way wrong. Though now that he’s given that figure, expect there to be a lot of dead people that never make it into the official figure.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns Than Obamacare

  3. Don says:

    The NYT photo of the leveled neighborhood next to the water, and approx. 2,000 ft. south of DZR airport, appears to be a tightly packed shantytown in Google Maps.

  4. gator69 says:

    8500 CHILDREN die every day from starvation. That number does not include adults. The world spends more than enough on ‘climate change’ to feed, clothe, shelter and give medical attention to all of them, including adults.

    If the left had any ethics or shame, they would end the climate change scam immediately.

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