GISS/NOAA/CRU Climate Fraud Update

The Earth was very warm in the 1920s.

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In 1975, the National Academy of Sciences correctly showed the 1920’s as a warm period, much warmer than the cold 1970s.

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Science News

But the usual band of criminals have since changed the temperature record to make the 1920’s much cooler than the 1970’s


The 1970’s were cold.

Climate Change and its Effect on World Food
by Walter Orr Roberts
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

In February of 1972 earth-orbiting artificial satellites revealed the existence of a greatly increased area of the snow and ice cover of the north polar cap as compared to all previous years of space age observations ….. The Earth may have entered a new “little ice age”.

Early in the 1970s, a series of adverse climatic anomalies occurred. …. The world’s snow and ice cover increased by 10-15%.

CIA Global Cooling

Unless the freezing point of water has changed, the 1920’s were much warmer than the 1970’s – and the whole global warming story is a complete fraud.

Skeptics need to stop playing by their rules.

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  3. tom0mason says:

    But government funded experts can’t be wrong can they –

    That is the biggest fool thing we have ever done. The bomb will never go off, and I speak as an expert in explosives.
    – Admiral William Leahy. [Advice to President Truman, when asked his opinion of the atomic bomb project.]

    Dr. Hansen explains “… equivalent to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day 365 days per year. That’s how much extra energy Earth is gaining each day,” said Dr. James Hansen

  4. Andy Oz says:

    Stop playing by their rules! Become Commando Skeptics!! – “Foras Admonitio”

    Hang on……that’s not exactly where I was heading with that.

  5. Bill says:

    Steve, Steve, Steve – Any warming of the arctic or northern hemisphere in the past is only local warming, not global. This is true of the 20’s and 30’s as well as the MWP and RWP. We are only concerned with GLOBAL warming. Except of course in modern times where warming of the arctic and northern hemisphere is the canary in the coal mine (except when ocean pH or sea level or coral reefs are the canaries) and a clear signal of global warming. I know it seems like a contradiction, which ordinarily indicates an error, but trust us – we’re “Climate Scientists”. 🙂

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