Al Gore Tells 100,000 Frozen Cows In South Dakota That Winters Are Getting Shorter

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Twitter / algore: #Climate change is causing …

Here in Colorado, winters are getting much longer.

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13 Responses to Al Gore Tells 100,000 Frozen Cows In South Dakota That Winters Are Getting Shorter

  1. jay352 says:

    It’s cowmate change.. Moo.

  2. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    I would call Al Gore an asshole, but that would be derogatory to assholes.

  3. tom0mason says:

    As a reasonable approximation to a bovine (at lease in thinking), he should not go to South Dakota.

  4. ChrisV says:

    And to think that this complete imbecile was almost president! I never thought that in my lifetime that I would see the amount of stupidity in government as I do now.

  5. Andy DC says:

    What the hell ihas Gore been snorting? The last several years have been unusually snowy.

    • sorxia says:

      Hey, wait, don’t you know that the hotter it gets, the colder it gets? Makes you wonder whether it works in reverse. Ya know, the colder it gets, the hotter it gets.

      Regardless, my trusty furry companions have all packed on heavy winter coats already, so according to Goresky, that means a warm winter. According to about 40 years of experience with the furry, four-footed ones, it means break out the snow shovels. We’re in for a beastly time this winter.

  6. Lets face the facts here… Saint Al of the Gore is in this scam for money… He holds massive amounts of stock and interest in the companies that would have been hired if he was able to get his carbon taxation pushed through, just to count the “carbon credits and usage” in major businesses… These companies would be in the swindle to make BILLIONS and make Al of the Gore a Billionaire!

    It is sick that people do not see the truth about Saint Al of the Gore… But hey, he invented the Internet, and said that the Earth’s core had a temperature of MILLIONS OF DEGREES…. The man is such a genius!

  7. Greg Burton says:

    Saint Al of the Gore: You WILL pay your carbon (icicle) tax for global warming (cooling), based on phoney-baloney climate data, to my completely tax-free, off-shore multi-national corporation, or else!

    BTW: Could you please pay your global governance tax before the deliberate depopulation mechanisms (QE1, QE2, QE3, QE∞ food hyper-inflation, Gulf oil spill, Fukushima, nuclear false-flag to start WWIII) start taking effect? If you’re dead, me and the global Satanic oligarchy can’t really stick you with the bill, now can we?

  8. David says:


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