A House On The Hill

The term “a house on the hill” came from the practice that rich people lived on high ground and poor people lived by the river and flooded.

The Google earth image below shows Longmont, Colorado. The original city was built on the hill with the water tower next to the golf course.. In the 1970s they started building houses down in the flood plain (note Left Hand Creek in the foreground.)

Guess what happened to those houses this week.

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Progressives blame the flood on climate change, because they are complete morons.

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  1. Greg says:

    When did zoning officials begin allowing development in 100 year flood zones? What fools.. I just joined a subscription to this site after reading it for a couple months.. I love it. I live in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, (sea level seems to be the same it was 10 years ago when i moved here), but grew up in Colorado and went to WSC in Gunnison. I am seeing a lot of scare tactics on social media about the floods and fracking, would love to hear some truth, maybe you could dig up some facts and data regarding this topic. Keep up the great work…

  2. Joseph says:

    Chris Horner wrote in the politically incorrect guide that it only seems like hurricanes, floods, etc. are getting worse because we keep building in disaster prone areas. Can’t help but agree with that.

  3. Lou says:

    My parents’ house in Houston that is not far from the bayous and never got flooded. Just lucky that it happens to be the highest point on that street when TS Allison hit Houston. Never saw that kind of widespread flooding like that. First time I ever saw that street flooded. My sister down the street wasn’t so lucky. 3 or 4 feet of water inside her house… Pretty old area, probably 1940s or 1960s. Now everything are developed meaning way more water rushing into bayous so if we get a repeat of Allison in the right place, my parents’ house will get flooded and my sister’s house will get hit worse than last time.

  4. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    God causes floods.
    Humans cause flood damage

  5. They did the same thing in Queensland. I think the idea was that you could now build on a flood plane because a dam had been constructed to protect the area. Queensland went through a very dry period and combined with fears over CAGW (CO2 will cause rain to stop falling), there was a great deal of hesitation over releasing any water that had accumulated. Then flooding rains did appear and the dam was already near capacity and it overflowed. The degree to which CAGW fears contributed to the catastrophe is a matter of debate.

  6. QV says:

    The same thing is happening in the UK.
    Many more new houses and other buildings built on flood plains.
    Also, more people are having their gardens paved over, so rain water runs into the drains more quickly.
    Also more large buildings with large roof areas such as supermarkets, with large car parks, so again the rain runs into the drains more quickly.
    Also, drains aren’t cleaned out as much as they used to be, so they block more easily.

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