Lib Dem Secretary 2004 : Christmas Doomed And It Is Your Fault

Scrooge lives!

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Lewes MP and Lib Dem Shadow Environment Secretary Norman Baker has uncovered new government figures that show that dreams of a White Christmas are increasingly unlikely to become a reality.

“Britons will soon be left with only dreams of a white Christmas, as the chances of it actually happening become more remote. Global warming is the main reason for this shift in seasonal weather and is responsible for changing the world as we know it.


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6 Responses to Lib Dem Secretary 2004 : Christmas Doomed And It Is Your Fault

  1. gator69 says:

    Now all they need is a graphic of a drowning Santa in the Arctic, ‘for the children’….

    Found it!

  2. Wyguy says:

    How about a white Easter?

  3. Andy DC says:

    Meanwhile we just had an unprecedented March snowstorm for northern France. No doubt a result of global warming as well!

  4. SMS says:

    When are these turnips going to connect the dots? These guys were never taught the sciencific method in school. This whole CAGW could be dispelled if these turnips would pull their heads out of their butts and realize it only takes one point of data that does not agree with the theory to trash the theory. We have lots of data points that turnips ignore because they are in so love with their green vision.

    • Chewer says:

      AGW will never make it to scientific theory.
      It is a working hypothesis with consensus to continue seeking donation $, and these days that cash is your & my taxes…

  5. gofer says:

    It’s about the money. It’s being set up to be a massive worldwide bubble and what happens when investors realize they have been scammed? Based on the past, there is no doubt the climate will cool, so it’s going to be a stark awakening for some. I expect they will try and pass off snow and ice as climate change and it was what they expected, “extreme” weather. They have already started the switch.

    “Climate risk is something people are paying more and more attention to,” said Barney Schauble, managing partner at Nephila Advisors, the firm’s U.S. arm. “More volatile weather creates more risk and more appetite to protect against that risk.”

    One form of extreme weather — drought — is helping spur business at Water Asset Management LLC. The New York hedge fund, which has about $400 million under management, buys water rights and makes private equity and stock-market investments in water- treatment companies.

    “Not enough people are thinking long term of (water) as an asset that is worthy of ownership,” said Water Asset Management Chief Operating Officer Marc Robert. “Climate change for us is a driver.” Minnesota Public Radio

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