Mission Accomplished!

In January 2009, Hansen gave Obama four years to save the planet – and he succeeded in reversing global warming.

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Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

We are truly not worthy of our benevolent messiah.

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5 Responses to Mission Accomplished!

  1. gator69 says:

    Not surprising.These are the same people who learned how to turn carbon into gold.

  2. The man stopped the seas from rising for a while there, before it was just too much for Envisat to bear. Frankly, I’m becoming convinced there is nothing he can’t do. He has already accomplished more than any of our former historic enemies could have dreamed of. From the inside. Amazing.

  3. Andrew says:

    This seems disingenuous. This data has terrible signal to noise ratio, so the uncertainty about what the trend actually is – is huge. This shows almost nothing. In addition, for climate change, we aren’t talking about a few years anyway. We are talking about change over many decades.

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