Thick Ice Covering Most Of The Arctic Basin

The rapidly melting Arctic is now mostly covered with ice 5-16 feet thick.

ScreenHunter_384 Jan. 06 11.03

arcticictn_nowcast_anim30d.gif (740×666)

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4 Responses to Thick Ice Covering Most Of The Arctic Basin

  1. slimething says:

    Some interesting data on bodies of water surrounding the Central Arctic. Didn’t Mark Serreze say the Bering Sea is where all the action is?

  2. Rick Pay says:

    Yeah but don’t forget that the “experts” have told us endlessly that it is rotten ice rotted by the magical mystery powers of GLO-BULL warming.

  3. David, UK says:

    Come on. Who are you going to believe? The data or the consensus?

  4. scizzorbill says:

    Looks like the melting is being delayed by the accumulating ice which is caused by global warming—-somewhere.

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