Putting The US Up On The Cross

Libs believe that sacrificing the US can save the planet. Even if their brain damaged global warming religion had any scientific merit, their token gesture of committing suicide and genocide on the rest of US, would be of no benefit.

More than 1,000 coal-fired power plants are being planned worldwide, new research has revealed.

The huge planned expansion comes despite warnings from politicians, scientists and campaigners that the planet’s fast-rising carbon emissions must peak within a few years if runaway climate change is to be avoided and that fossil fuel assets risk becoming worthless if international action on global warming moves forward.

More than 1,000 new coal plants planned worldwide, figures show | Environment | The Guardian

Osama bin Laden couldn’t have hoped in his wildest dreams to do as much damage as James Hansen.

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7 Responses to Putting The US Up On The Cross

  1. Yes. The Insane Left, both of them (Muslim branch and climate science branch).

  2. Andy DC says:

    Yes, Hansen has warned us that it is going to be much worse than his original predictions, that have not even come remotely close to verifying.

  3. johnmcguire says:

    The left keeps screaming about the demise of earth through agw and the idiots with no analytical abilities keep believing it because they are either dumber than a box of rocks or cowards afraid to question what the supposed authorities say . These are the same people who see no problem with raising the debt level further to keep their little bubble going , and then they scream about taxing the rich more without realizing they are taking away any hope of ever being rich themselves . Of course , the only way they would ever be rich is if they win the lottery because they will not put in the work and mental effort neccesary to succeed . Here in Oregon the brain dead fools voted to continue taxing peoples achievements when they die by continueing the inheritance taxes . A person works and pays taxes their whole life in order to achieve something and the haters want to take the achievements away when the successfull person dies . The ones who voted to continue this policy either fail to understand that in one or two more generations this have the effect of putting all substantially sized property in the hands of large corporations or the state or they just hate anyone who achieves success . It is communistic and America is no longer free and the people of America no longer independent . But evidently the majority of the people don’t care or they want it that way . I know this thought should be obvious to anyone that takes a moment to consider the outcome but evidently the majority of the people cannot see the obvious . Or they have blinded themselves through jealousy and hatred .

    • Andy DC says:


      Just one question. Do you think it is right that some kid inherits a billion dollars tax free when he maybe has never done an honest day’s work in his life?

  4. I suspect most of those advocating such policies believe they will only be mildly affected or not at all.

  5. robert barclay says:

    This nonsense needs to stop asap. You cannot heat a gas in the atmosphere and have that heat absorbed by the ocean, since that cannot happen it is not possible to store heat on this planet. The reason is SURFACE TENSION. The sun radiates the ocean but the ocean cannot accept physical heat. You can not HEAT water from above. Try heating the surface of water with a heat gun. Thats why the temperature is flat lining or cooling while co2 is rising and thats why Trenberth can’t find his heat. Only the sun radiates the ocean, nothing else gets in.

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