McKibben Discovers That Hurricanes Occur In The Summer

Hurricane Irene received a massive amount media coverage, but television reports made little or no reference to the role global warming played in the storm. We speak with someone with his eye on climate change and its impact. “We’ve had not only this extraordinary flooding, but on the same day that Hurricane Irene was coming down, Houston set its all-time temperature record, 109 degrees,” says Bill McKibben, co-founder and director of “We’re in a new situation.”

There are 1200 USHCN stations (Houston is not one of them.) The temperature record is 120 years long. We would expect that on average, ten stations would break their all time high record this year      1200/120 = 10 .

Superstition is not an excuse for dimwitted alarmism.

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    Just looking at his eyes, I would say is two slices short of a sandwich.

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